Closing airports in Hawaii? What Governor Ige and President Trump said

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Puerto Rico emergency instruction for tourists, hotels, airport, restaurants and shops

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Hawaii Tourism: A travel bargain after COVID19 spreads on 3 islands

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California, New York and Washington declared highest risk for COVID-19

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How to become a terrorist in Israel? Simply violate COVID19 restrictions

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Canada: Via Rail Update In Response To COVID-19

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Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek appoints new director

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Ecuador sealed borders and turned back flights

U.S., March 15 -- The Government of Ecuador has announced a border closure for all incoming foreign travelers, effective at 23:59 on Sunday, March 15. At the same time, Ecuador has banned all interna... Read More

South Africa Tourism closing

U.S., March 15 -- President Matamela Cyril Ramapho from South Africa will close borders to all citizens from high-risk Corononavirus countries. 35 land border ports will be closed. From Wednesday all ... Read More

About Seychelles Tourism? Call for Unity in Times of Crisis

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