How the terrorists left Eastleigh for Westgate

Nairobi, Nov. 27 -- A call to Egypt was the first indicator on the nature of the identity of the Westgate mall attackers. The caller - Somali-Norwegian Hassan Mohammed Dhuhulow - was reaching his uncl... Read More

Vital clues in car that was to burn outside Westgate Mall

Nairobi, Nov. 26 -- When four terrorists bought an old grey Mitsubishi Lancer KAS 575X from a junkyard in Buruburu, Nairobi, they intended to burn it outside Westgate Mall - with all the evidence that... Read More

How an Eastleigh shop camouflaged Westgate terror plot

Nairobi, Nov. 25 -- Eastleigh's Hong Kong Shopping Mall is the hub of clothes traders in the Eastlands suburb of Nairobi. But it was from here that one of the Westgate attack planners ran a shop that ... Read More

Mustafa: the terrorists' loyal tailor

Nairobi, Nov. 25 -- Hussein Mustafa had arrived in Eastleigh with a sewing machine. His customers, at a rented stall in the Eastleigh Shopping Centre, thought he was a tailor struggling to eke out a l... Read More

Westgate terrorists: The untold story

Nairobi, Nov. 24 -- On Monday, June 17, 2013, the East African Express flight 803 lumbered across the Mogadishu runway as it prepared to take off to Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport via t... Read More

How businessmen have set record in courts with unending land litigation

Nairobi, Nov. 22 -- It was an early Monday morning, November 1992, and the caller was Kiambu DC Samuel Oreta. The call was to a Gatundu parliamentary seat aspirant, Mr Kariuki Muiruri, who wanted to c... Read More

Adieu Aronson: Life and times of the Ndung'u Report vice chairman

Nairobi, Nov. 9 -- Of all land experts in Kenya, Michael Aronson was in a class of his own - and when he died last week, he went with many tales about land in the country. Unknown to many, he was the... Read More

The Moi 'hustler' who runs bixa, a lucrative lipstick cash crop

Nairobi, Nov. 8 -- Let us talk of bixa, or what is known as annatto. Perhaps you have never heard about this crop, but you will now. Not because the Daniel arap Moi regime sold a Coast-based bixa para... Read More

JM Kariuki's youngest son dies

Nairobi, Nov. 1 -- The late JM Kariuki family is in mourning. The former Nyandarua North legislator's youngest son Tony died on Sunday. The news of Tony's death was broken on social media on Sunday e... Read More

Emma Gama Pinto, the widow that Kenya betrayed, draws her last breath

Nairobi, Nov. 1 -- The small bonfire at the back of Pio Gama Pinto's house at No. 6 Lower Kabete Road, Nairobi, consumed all that the freedom fighter and nationalist had written and received - his let... Read More