Budget bonanza and boost in blueprint

India, July 14 -- It is indeed a welcome budget and we hope and pray it gives desired results and help both backward and middle class grow up confidently in a step by step way and we witness reforms, ... Read More

Earning leave by an employee

India, July 3 -- The Leave laws govern whether an employer must allow employees to take time off, either paid or unpaid, under a number of different circumstances. They also address whether an employe... Read More

Teach them young

India, June 30 -- Biologically, the first seven years of childhood are crucial, as a major part of brain development takes place. Natural play, both indoors and outdoors helps both generations explore... Read More

It is time to pay attention to women's woes

India, June 24 -- In India, women are the main target for eve-teasing, molestation, rape, acid throwing, ragging, and honour killing and that is unbecoming of a country where women are most respected ... Read More

Yoga plays a special role, binds Body and Mind together

India, June 21 -- We can say that we are living in a Kaliyug as we witness untoward incidents taking place in every strata of society. The youngsters must feel their responsibilities and utilise their... Read More

Curtail Crony Capitalism - Part II

India, June 21 -- Under the Fugitive Economic Offender Act, if an economic offender flees the country to avoid the due process, he/she can be declared a fugitive economic offender and their properties... Read More

Curtail Crony Capitalism - Part I

India, June 20 -- Crony capitalism kills transparency and competition and hence, it is harmful to free enterprise, opportunity, and economic growth. By killing transparency and competition, crony capi... Read More

India gripped under intense heat wave

India, June 9 -- The acute heatwave that has gripped northern India has thrown normal life out of gear for the past few days and is most likely to remain the same at least for a few more days. The day... Read More

Taking care of water woes during summer

India, June 5 -- Even though we have sufficient monsoon rains and there is sufficient stock in all the water resources, we feel the shortage only because of regular leakage from the water pipe and oth... Read More

Safety and security of the seniors at stake

India, May 27 -- Pension is neither a bounty nor a matter of grace; it is a right of an employee for the service he rendered and to live with dignity after retirement. The Pension Awareness Campaign i... Read More