Power and violence: Do we have a Mandela or a Gandhi anywhere?

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Why Chinese goods might not find space in my home any more

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ChatGPT, the unfolding AI race and the unspoken threat to humanity

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Africa risks missing out on biofuel industry boom on policies dearth

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South Africa war games with Russia betrayed Mandela, Ukraine children

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Ban on 'contingency fee' lawyers oppressive for the less wealthy

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Build human capital for skilled jobs

Nairobi, Feb. 15 -- During the country's biggest building programme since independence, the building dividend to Kenyans is minimal. Yet, at root, sits a single unsolved issue. Kenya has too few plum... Read More

If you believe diversity is good, you have to respect gay rights as well

Nairobi, Feb. 8 -- The West has got itself into such a tangle on diversity, with a blind spot around double-speak and hegemony of ideas. But it is a new world order that has been brought under a mome... Read More

Rope in the wealthy tax cheats in informal sector to ease workers pain

Nairobi, Jan. 25 -- I am troubled about taxes. For I see, now, we are set along the same inequitable path, without the political will to address it. Yet this game of the few paying for everyone is cri... Read More

Job losses in the media industry are painful, yes, but no need of grieving

Nairobi, Jan. 18 -- There are major life events nearly everyone lives through, but such different ways they play out: and sometimes to complete destruction. As it is, my father died this Christmas. H... Read More