Paradox of rogue Russia's continued influence in the UN Security Council

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- Our world order is in bad shape in 2024: for Russia has gone rogue, and the United Nations won't put an end to it. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it flat-out breach... Read More

Explore use of biochar as alternative to the expensive chemical fertilisers

Nairobi, Feb. 14 -- Just occasionally, we all do something so illogical and costly that it becomes a conundrum that seems unsolvable - in understanding why we do it. A case in point is using fertilis... Read More

What those preparing for a major global conflict ought to appreciate

Nairobi, Jan. 24 -- Europe is preparing for war: not as an incursion, and not as some rumbling stand-off, but as World War 3. In fact, humanity has enough to contend with, as climate change accelerat... Read More

Only scientifically-proven pest controls will reduce food losses

Nairobi, Jan. 17 -- It only gets more painful seeing how many Kenyans we are willing to starve to ill-health and death, or push into poverty, on the bizarre twists of the world's shift from science to... Read More

Give farmers quality fertiliser, kick out third parties to save our coffee

Nairobi, Jan. 10 -- Kenya and coffee have been associated globally for all my lifetime: An icon of our beauty and excellence and a mainstay of our exports. Yet now, it seems, our government is going t... Read More

Let 2024 be the year we rediscover our compassion and humanity

Nairobi, Dec. 27 -- Across 2023, the awareness of a rising global multicrisis has led to ever more talk of a polycrisis, where the sum of parallel crises is adding up to more than their parts. Yet, on... Read More

Simplify import tax systems and educate public to ease compliance

Nairobi, Dec. 20 -- As the new year beckons, so, too, do tax changes, with the aim of better-capturing tax payments. Yet, in all the progress in building a more robust tax system, a huge blind spot re... Read More

How tenderpreneurs damage whole industries in Kenya

Nairobi, Dec. 13 -- How much damage is done to our countries and hopes by the never-ending rule of the tenderpreneurs, those business (mostly) men, with no existing business and no position in any sec... Read More

Benevolent dictator? Be careful with social media campaigns

Nairobi, Dec. 6 -- We should be careful what we wish for, as talk mounts - spurred on by Chinese-owned TikTok and Russian-embedded social media campaigning - of how we would be better off with a benev... Read More

Stop the tax games now and act decisively to stem economic slide

Nairobi, Nov. 29 -- There is no island of the Kenyan economy looking robust right now. Banks are setting aside record sums for loan defaults, bond issuers are converting loans into property assets rat... Read More