Effective pitching for investment

Nairobi, March 3 -- Years ago, a study was done in Kenya that quizzed hundreds of entrepreneurs about the money they made from sales and what equipment and raw materials they had to buy to trade charc... Read More

Promote tourism or pass up next boom

Nairobi, Feb. 24 -- A headline in the UK Times declared: Sunseekers hoping for end to Covid lockdown pencil in foreign holidays. Cooped up, locked in, shops closed, many Europeans are dreaming of thei... Read More

Time to reassert authority in schools

Nairobi, Feb. 17 -- It is a fact that brain development and human behaviour can be changed forever by the things we do, or don't do, as most of a year without schooling is demonstrating vividly for ou... Read More

Why being boss is hardly pleasant

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Sometime last month one of the finest journalists I know told me he avoids management functions these days, because, he claimed, he's an awful manager. He brought me up short. A c... Read More

Pandemic storm ahead for airlines

Nairobi, Feb. 3 -- It starts to become clear now, as we watch the latest round of border closures, that international travel may never go back, in our lifetimes, to where it was before Covid-19. For ... Read More

Phone tapping a bad way to spend taxes

Nairobi, Jan. 27 -- It appears my phone is being tapped, and, truly, no-one is more surprised about that than I am. As a middle-aged professional writer, I never expected to make it onto anyone's surv... Read More

Let everyone pay fair share of taxes

Nairobi, Jan. 20 -- Will Kenya remain forever hung on its tax dilemma, or is there a way out and forward for a nation where hardly anyone pays direct taxes, and the government is now chasing a wider a... Read More

When to pass the leadership baton

Nairobi, Jan. 13 -- Into my LinkedIn feed this week came a post by Ken Njoroge on his decision to step down as Cellulant CEO this year, after his 18 years of building a pan-African software company th... Read More

Call out food makers on fortification

Nairobi, Jan. 6 -- After a year in which ginger and honey moved to revered positions as immunity aids, it is perhaps time we got to grips with the food gaps that are killing us every year. For over ha... Read More

Pay your taxes promptly or stop lamenting

Nairobi, Dec. 23 -- It's in the toughest of times that our greatest weaknesses come into play, and so it is for Kenya as 2020 closes with our agenda the same, but more so: resilience in the face of a ... Read More