Roy Mugiira: Biosafety agency boss on its fight against GMO myths

Nairobi, Feb. 17 -- The biotech research community in Kenya heaved with relief when the government lifted a decade-old ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in October last year. This would fa... Read More

Kenya, TZ court cases block tonnes of GMO maize seeds

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Four court cases have blocked the release of 11 tonnes of genetically modified maize seeds that were to be made available to farmers this planting season. The BT maize seeds had b... Read More

German shoemaker, Josef Seibel eyes Kenyan middle class with first store

Nairobi, Feb. 1 -- Josef Seibel, one of Europe's oldest shoemakers, has opened its first concept store in Nairobi to tap into the growing middle class, with eyes on other African markets in the long t... Read More

Two moments Magoha nearly quit Uhuru Cabinet

Nairobi, Feb. 1 -- Former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha contemplated resigning on at least two occasions during his three and a half years at Jogoo House, underlining his reputation as per... Read More

David Osiany: My life after public service

Nairobi, Jan. 26 -- David Osiany says adjusting to life after working in senior positions in government can be trying for some public servants. The perks and power can ''shift what you believe in and ... Read More

When multiple job losses strike

Nairobi, Jan. 25 -- As a mid-level manager at a beverage company, the thought of job loss had never occurred to Charles Otieno. Having lost his first job for underperformance, he had vowed to prove hi... Read More

Youngsters find a promising market in a genre thought to be for the 'oldies'

Nairobi, Jan. 24 -- Harmonies and arrangements, octaves and dynamics and Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies are scarcely the kind of subjects you would expect a member of Generation Z to talk about. O... Read More

Eliud Wabukala: Outgoing EACC Chair gets candid on what it will take to win graft war

Nairobi, Jan. 23 -- Archbishop Eliud Wabukala tells a story of how early in his ministry, a senior bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya posted him to a small remote parish in Mount Elgon. Aware of ... Read More

Duo seeks to Africanise centuries old practice

Nairobi, Jan. 19 -- There is a startling likeness in manner, character and aspiration between Anne Kinyanjui and Jackie Oyuyo, the founders and directors of Siha Wellness at Nairobi's ABC Place. So i... Read More

Why successful restaurants fold

Nairobi, Jan. 17 -- Noma, the five-time best restaurant in the world based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is closing down. After two decades of a rich reputation for serving authentic cuisine, Noma will clo... Read More