Kennedy Ogeto: Former Solicitor General appointed Ruto's legal adviser

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Hilton, InterCon down as 10 others cling to life

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InterCon rots away two years after grand slump

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Kendi's lessons from 20 years of building firms

Nairobi, March 15 -- Carolyne Kendi is a brand builder, an Afro-optimist career nomad and a lover of life. The chief marketing officer at Absa Bank Kenya is currently surfing a giant wave of freedom i... Read More

Myke Rabar: DJ's accidental business grows into an empire

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The brains behind Tilisi on building estates of the future

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Why few career women are buying homes

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How regulation hitches are limiting carbon trading

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Elite school fees surge sharply on high euro, dollar rates

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Mixed-use development:Why developers prefer using the model in city outskirts

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