BIKO INTERVIEW: Building a legacy at 37

Nairobi, Sept. 18 -- What does Leon Kiptum, the country manager of Chipper Cash, a financial technology company that builds software to enable cross-border payments, want? He wants to be remembered fo... Read More

Together we drink, solo drinkers are misfits

Nairobi, Sept. 16 -- Who drinks alone apart from psychopaths and misfits? Hoisted up there on a bar stool, backbone bent into a concave, drinking alone because "you enjoy your own company." It's the b... Read More

BIKO INTERVIEW: 'Success after three bankruptcies'

Nairobi, Sept. 11 -- There was nothing in Jonathan Jackson's earlier life that would have indicated that he would end up in real estate. He was raised in Mosoriot, near Eldoret. His father was an AIC ... Read More

BIKO INTERVIEW: Engine behind Cheki

Nairobi, Sept. 4 -- Resian Samoire Leteipan is a name with its own story. Resian means peace, in Maa. Samoire means a star and Leteipan means people of the late evening. She runs Cheki Kenya, a motor... Read More

Madilu, whisky and prostate cancer

Nairobi, Sept. 4 -- My friend broke his leg. He asked me to drive him to Umoja estate, Nairobi to see his aging uncle who has prostate cancer. I really didn't want to go. I mean, we might all get pros... Read More

Frank Njenga: 'Over 40 years of healing the mind'

Nairobi, Aug. 28 -- The first time I ran into Dr Frank Njenga was in 2015 at Fairview Hotel, Nairobi. He had just finished a meeting at the swimming pool. I asked him for an interview. "Not now, but l... Read More

Nairobi's first drive-thru liquor store

Nairobi, Aug. 26 -- I want to tell you about Mbilia Bel. But to tell you about Mbilia Bel, I need to tell you about this one time I was driving along Riara Road, Nairobi, and saw a drive-through. At ... Read More

BIKO INTERVIEW: From swimming with Tana crocs to c-Suite

Nairobi, Aug. 7 -- Mohamud Salat, the CEO of Hass Petroleum was born in a dusty town in Garissa County in North Eastern. The sun always hang low and as a child, he would join his peers to swim in the ... Read More

At Kosewe's new joint in Kisumu

Nairobi, Aug. 7 -- Once upon a time, people went to India to study, not to do an endoscopy. My brother was one of them. The thing with "Ex-Indians" is that when they meet they make you feel like you ... Read More

BIKO INTERVIEW: Finding myself in art and church

Nairobi, July 31 -- On the wall, behind Beth Wanjiru Mugo, is a painting. It says, "success and joys will prompt you to thanksgiving and to realise that you do not live for yourself but the service of... Read More