From Actress to Ambassador

Sri Lanka, Nov. 24 -- The world is Actress, Author and Earth Day Network Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Michelle Dilhara's Oyster. In fact, it can be called her symposium. Educated, eloquent and articulate,... Read More

Embracing the Enchantment

Sri Lanka, Nov. 10 -- "Do you believe that witches ride on broomsticks?" Halloween has been a part of our cultures for a very long time now. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, which means, Hall... Read More

Fusion of Cultures and Music Mastery

Sri Lanka, Oct. 27 -- When the times cry out for something unique, something original, something different, something that brings about change, then that change maker shall appear. Change itself creat... Read More

Washington doesn't want the Indian Ocean region to flare up into crisis - Experts

Sri Lanka, Oct. 25 -- The Indian Ocean has emerged as a critical theatre for great power rivalry in global politics. Sri Lanka, situated at the crossroads of major sea lanes, has attracted the attenti... Read More

Follow the original teachings of religions - Minister Vidura

Sri Lanka, Oct. 5 -- Morals, values, and ethics are the three cornerstones or pillars of a great, virtuous, and compassionate society. The Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious, and Cultural Affairs, he... Read More

Empowering Youth Creativity

Sri Lanka, Sept. 27 -- Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy has a history of adapting, learning and engaging with a new world. This time around they are back with a musical production that was written, ... Read More

The Sobering Truth

Sri Lanka, Sept. 25 -- The Book of Daniel in the Bible tells us about Belshazzar's feast. Belshazzar was a ruler who held a grand feast. It is said that during the feast a hand appeared and wrote on t... Read More

Positivity in Corridors of Time

Sri Lanka, Sept. 22 -- "I would want to show how the positive would triumph over the negative," says Artist and Creative Director, Dillai Joseph Rodrigo. Indeed, the world we live in is full of negati... Read More

Lifeline for tea plantation workers

Sri Lanka, Sept. 19 -- The tea plantation workers have been denied their basic rights for a long time inspite of their contribution to the country's economy. There was a time when it was only this com... Read More

Buildings Speak Louder Than Words

Sri Lanka, Sept. 12 -- If there is one thing that stands out about Architect Vijitha Basnayaka, it seems to be his quiet confidence. Judging by first impressions, there seems to be nothing loud or boa... Read More