SLITHM to identify alternative institutions for professional training

Sri Lanka, May 16 -- Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM), the national premier institute for human resource development of tourism and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka is in ... Read More

Govt urged to support SMEs

Sri Lanka, May 15 -- Sri Lankan business community requests the government to introduce quick measures to revive key economic sectors, in particular the Small and Medium sized industries (SME's) which... Read More

WiLAT to empower women in logistics, transport sectors

Sri Lanka, May 13 -- Women in Logistics and Transport in Sri Lanka (WiLAT), stated that it would continue to invest more in the coming years to support in empowering women becoming leading professiona... Read More

'Not only women, men too suffer male dominance'

Sri Lanka, May 7 -- The condition of women in the world as we all witness now is marked by contrasting gaps in all domains and spaces: public, private, and even digital. Despite the advances women hav... Read More

'Implement swift measures to build confidence and revive economy' - Biz community

Sri Lanka, May 2 -- The Sri Lankan business community requests the government to take swift measures to build confidence and revive the key economic sectors which were badly affected since the Easter ... Read More

'Government confident economy will bounce back'

Sri Lanka, April 30 -- The government has taken proactive measures to address much of its major external debt obligations for 2019 despite the possible negative impact for Sri Lankan economy, owing to... Read More

Data integrity critical for success of Business Continuity Plans

Sri Lanka, April 26 -- Data integrity is critical for the successful implementation of Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and risk management strategies at any business entity as failure in any part of ... Read More

'Workforce gender gap to increase'

Sri Lanka, April 25 -- From a global perspective, it will take around 108 years to close the overall gender gap, and 202 years to bridge the workplace gender divide, an eminent Indian social entrepren... Read More

'Disaster recovery, key element of company's overall planning process'

Sri Lanka, April 12 -- Disaster recovery and business continuity must be key elements of a company's overall planning process to mitigate the risk, loss of revenues and minimize time to full recovery.... Read More

Need for engaging in more disaster resilient businesses urged

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- Natural disasters have a direct impact on sustainable development and countries' debt rate; therefore a robust mechanism should be in place during a catastrophe to effectively m... Read More