It's now or never!

Pakistan, April 18 -- Fighting corruption must be the priority in our country if we want to bring this nation back on the right path. The dismal state of our economy, the difficulties that Foreign Dir... Read More

Tectonic changes in Pakistan's political landscape

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India's proxy hybrid war: sacrificing US and Afghan lives

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The Khosa doctrine targetting perjury

Pakistan, March 29 -- One of the major basis for corruption - the illness eating away the substance of the Pakistani state, its institutions and its people - is perjury. An especially dangerous crimin... Read More

Pakistan, Afghan peace and India

Pakistan, March 23 -- After almost two decades the US-led NATO intervention in Afghanistan aimed at eradicating the Taliban has no end in sight. US President Donald Trump and the American people, if n... Read More

Regulators and conflict of interest

Pakistan, March 14 -- A governmental body created by a legislature to implement and enforce specific laws, a "regulatory " or a "regulator" would usually have quasi-legislative functions, executive fu... Read More

Handling the Kashmir crisis

Pakistan, March 8 -- The Pulwama attack that killed a little more than forty Indian soldiers, mostly Sikhs, brought the near dormant Kashmir crisis into international focus because of Modis' so-called... Read More

From Davos to Karachi

Pakistan, March 2 -- To highlight the connecting of the global with the local and therewith Pakistani's problems and solutions in the light of global developments, the Karachi Council on Foreign Relat... Read More

Fighting perjury in Pakistan

Pakistan, Feb. 22 -- One of the major companions and helpers of corruption - an illness eating away the substance of the Pakistani state, its institutions, and its people - is perjury. The meaning of ... Read More

Hybrid warfare strategic coercion against Pakistan

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