Hurdles in the Musical journey of TAPTA

Manipur, Oct. 21 -- Amidst innumerable odds and even since his childhood days in the field of music, TAPTA(JayentaLoukrakpam) started blooming on the soil of Manipur in June 1996 with his audio casset... Read More

Radicalisation Of Words: Chinki

Manipur, Oct. 20 -- Let me begin with a diary entry from September 2016: One hot summer morning in Delhi, with all its dust and noises, I rushed to catch a rickshaw profusely sweating. I had to catch... Read More

Industry 4.0: Vision 2050-The Fourth Indistrial Revolution

Manipur, Oct. 20 -- Human society, and its associated sectors such as home, workplace, agriculture, education, industry, energy and transportation are going to undergo a sea-change by the year 2050 an... Read More

The Bond - Part 5

Manipur, Oct. 20 -- 'Papa, please let me handle this. I will not allow any body to hurt us." Victor phoned his lawyer and asked him to be prepared for a case if need be. He did not explain anything t... Read More

"Columbus Day" Reminds Us Why the US Owes Reparations to Native People

Manipur, Oct. 20 -- There is this magical made-up time between Indigenous Peoples' Day ("Columbus Day" for the unenlightened) and Thanksgiving, when white Americans think about Native people. That's s... Read More

For a Diverse and Harmonious Manipur

Manipur, Oct. 17 -- Once an asiatic kingdom, Manipur has evolved into a dynamic multicultural society. Nestled deep within the lush green corner in the northeast of India, Manipur exhibits diversity i... Read More

In defence of our ancestral land and freedom

Manipur, Oct. 17 -- An eight word slogan coined by the Anglo-Kuki War Centenary Commemoration Committee and in usage for the last two years has only recently caused alarm bells to start ringing in all... Read More

Silence of the intellect: A boon or a curse

Manipur, Oct. 17 -- The present political discourse that we are going through is really a worry some for all of us. The very concept of nationhood are now frequently challenged and put at stake. Yet n... Read More

Upokpi Incident: An Observation

Manipur, Oct. 16 -- The viral video of a woman and her kid daughter being assaulted by a group of people on the ground of the woman having an affair with a man who was also shown in the video, has sho... Read More

Remembering Missile Man & People's President of India "Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam"

Manipur, Oct. 14 -- Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (APJ Abdul Kalam) was born on 15th October 1931 to a Tamil Muslim family in the pilgrimage Centre of Rameswaram on PAMBAN Island, then in the Ma... Read More