Stop the mad rush for PS, CAS jobs, there is life outside public office

Nairobi, March 16 -- I still recall the intense relief I felt when I resigned from public office. The daily routine of fluid diaries, stiff protocols and the discharge of technical and management duti... Read More

Grow the economy of northern Kenya for sustainable security

Nairobi, March 2 -- Let us be guarded in our expectations of the ongoing security intervention in northern Kenya. This is a tough task. Often, pep talk in social places on this matter is grossly mispl... Read More

Support agribusiness to boost returns

Nairobi, Feb. 16 -- A story about some Embu County farmer who razed down his mango trees jolted me. He was fed up! Motivated by prospects that a processing factory would be established nearby, he inve... Read More

Thika is strategic to our economy; ring-fence its future growth now

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Just pulled off the Thika Superhighway en route to Thika. I am standing opposite what used to be Castle Breweries and looking west. High-rise residential units have lately mushroom... Read More

Mind the market, infrastructure in fresh affordable housing drive

Nairobi, Jan. 19 -- While on a visit to the island of Zanzibar a while back, I'd marvel at their social housing apartments. They looked decent, with multiple units in robust-looking blocks. Not too hi... Read More

Capital gains tax is complex and calls for careful administration

Nairobi, Jan. 5 -- The government, through the Finance Act 2022, amended the capital gains tax as provided for in the Income Tax Act from five to 15 percent. This is good for the government, which se... Read More