Ladakh rolls out oxygen parlors for tourists

Srinagar, April 12 -- Ladakh administration has decided to set up oxygen parlors to help tourists beat mountain sickness. The cold desert of Ladakh remains the most-loved place among the travel-buffs... Read More

How overgrazing is posing threat to forest ecosystem

Srinagar, April 10 -- Unmanaged overgrazing is posing a major challenge to the forest ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir. Forests are integral to the sustainability of primary sectors of agriculture, hor... Read More

Kashmir's young falling prey to colorectal cancer

Srinagar, April 7 -- Colorectal cancers are often thought to affect older people, but it no longer holds true. This type of cancer has become quite common in young adults in Kashmir, according to a ne... Read More

Covid resurgence: Docs advise co-morbid people to be careful

Srinagar, April 5 -- Amid a surge in Covid cases, health experts have advised people with underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and respiratory illnesses to remain extra careful.... Read More

Kashmiri apple with a Dutch twist

Srinagar, April 4 -- Kashmir-based agricultural start-up 'Orchardly' has joined forces with a Dutch company, 'Koppert' to grow pesticide-free and healthy fruit in the valley. Kashmir, of late, has se... Read More

How Ramadan book giveaways are boosting spiritual health in Kashmir

Srinagar, April 1 -- Giving generously and regularly, and offering aid to those less fortunate - both within and outside the community - is part of the essence of Islam. During Ramadan, this essence i... Read More

Why drinking 'noon chai' is fraught with danger

Srinagar, March 30 -- If our "Noon-chai" isn't steaming hot, there are chances we will throw it away. However, health experts in Kashmir don't approve of drinking "very hot beverages" as they associat... Read More

J&K recovers 80,000 cft of timber from smugglers

Srinagar, March 29 -- Jammu and Kashmir administration has recovered around 80,000 cubic feet of timber from the smugglers. Trade in forest products has significantly increased over the years especia... Read More

Luqaimat to chicken junglee sandwich: Tease your taste buds with some customized meals this Ramadan

Srinagar, March 25 -- Ramadan is a month of reflection, prayer, and fasting. It is also a time to connect with family and friends and enjoy delicious food together at Iftar. Bringing us one step close... Read More

How Kashmir charities are feeding poor, hungry in Ramazan

Srinagar, March 24 -- Local charities have embarked on a mission to provide free wholesome food to those who are unable to prepare sehri and iftari during the holy month of Ramzan. As Ramzan begins, ... Read More