Will be inhumane & politically suicidal if rest of J&K and India continue to ditch Kashmiris

India, Sept. 6 -- The 3 weeks of serious violation of fundamental & human rights of Kashmiris (by way of their detentions, arrests, lock-down, denial of their rights of expression, assembly, work, com... Read More

Imran will become most deserving candidate for 'Nobel Peace Prize' if solves Kashmir problem through plebiscite

India, Aug. 23 -- Pakistan media has that Pakistan will move (which it is entitled to as per IoA ad 1948 UN-resolution) the 'International Court of Justice' (ICJ) over human rights (HR) violations by ... Read More

Now only Court can bail-out India from J&K crises

India, Aug. 14 -- The Kashmiri leaders are rightly saying that the ill-conceived act of Government of India (GoI) - to amend Article 370, repeal Article 35-A of the Constitution and to convert the Sta... Read More

USA also needs USASEA (SAARC + SEA) as vice versa

India, Aug. 4 -- During July 22 meeting between President Trump and PM Imran Khan where Trump said that PM Modi asked him to mediate (which Modi himself did not deny) on Kashmir issue, it raised huge ... Read More

Modi requested Trump to arbitrate on Kashmir issue for ushering India into 'Hindu Rashtra'

India, July 28 -- The revelation by Prez Trump during his meeting, this week with Pakistan PM Imran Khan that PM Modi asked him to mediate/arbitrate on Kashmir issue created a huge political controver... Read More

Kashmiri Pandits must work with Mirwaiz for rehabilitation and Kashmir solution

India, July 17 -- The recent meeting of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) under the leadership of Satish Mahaldar with Hurriyat Conference Chairman and religious leader of largest Mosque in Srinagar, Mirwaiz Uma... Read More

Crocodile tears by OHCHR & JKCCS for human rights

India, July 9 -- An irked India on July, 8 lodged a strong protest with the UN rights office over the OHCHR report and in addition to other complaints India termed it as violative of India's sovereign... Read More

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War - Part II

India, July 7 -- (7)- Pakistan being a Sunni majority country (and Pak former Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif being the Commander of SaAr sponsored Sunni-NATO) will obviously prefer to join the Sunni gr... Read More

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War - Part I

India, July 5 -- India is the only secular democratic country (that too of ~ 1.35 billion people) in Asia (based on the political values of Western liberal World led by the USA) hence it faces permane... Read More

Masjid committee neither understands law nor impending threat to innocents

India, June 26 -- After series of pressure exerted by Hindutva forces during previous one week by way of (i) Statement of U.P Dy Chief Minister (that Ram Mandir will be built by law if Supreme Court o... Read More