PILAC unveils world's largest Punjabi dictionary

Pakistan, March 20 -- The world's first and largest dictionary in the Punjabi language was formally launched by the Punjab Institute of Language, Arts & Culture (PILAC) in an event held at Governor Ho... Read More

International Symposium on Medical Safety held in Shaukat Khanum Hospital

Pakistan, March 17 -- The experts from pharmaceutical industry, leading professors and academicians of pharmacy and government officials related to the field emphasized on different ways that how a pa... Read More

PA passes controversial Aab-e-Pak Authority bill amid PMLN's walkout

Pakistan, March 15 -- An uproar ensued in Punjab Assembly, on Thursday, when the opposition members severely criticized the role of the provincial governor in the 'Aab-e-Pak Authority'; terming it aga... Read More

Punjab treasury, opposition united over pay raise bill

Pakistan, March 14 -- Punjab Assembly witnessed another walkout from opposition members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN), on Wednesday, as protests over not being made part of 'The Pakistan ... Read More

Parties busy themselves in point-scoring over legislation in PA

Pakistan, March 12 -- It was seen in the Punjab Assembly on Monday that three major political parties of the province remained busy in lauding the development projects of their own governments while c... Read More

A new school chain named 'AGS' launched

Pakistan, March 12 -- A new chain of schools named 'Aspire Grammar School' was formally launched in a ceremony held at a local hotel in Lahore on Monday with an aim to change the future generations of... Read More

T-shirts under the theme of 'Something about Quaid' pull in massive crowd

Pakistan, March 10 -- A two-day exhibition of clothes under the brand name of Be Yourself kicked off in Lahore on Friday with a variety of menswear. The exhibition included t-shirts, leather jackets,... Read More

Criticism is expected whenever taboos of society are discussed: co-organiser Leena Ghani

Pakistan, March 9 -- Organisers of the Aurat March (Women's March) termed it a "complete success" on Saturday, adding that the turnout was massive which was even beyond their expectations because peop... Read More

PA passes resolution paying tribute to women

Pakistan, March 9 -- The Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution on Friday while paying tribute to the women on the eve of International Women's day that was marked worldwide. The legislators fr... Read More

Speaker restrains MPAs to politicise Nawaz' health issues

Pakistan, March 8 -- Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Ealhi restrained the MPAs of the treasury benches to do politics and point scoring over the health issues of former three times Prime Mini... Read More