New drinking water project to end water crisis in Chaurjahari

Rukum (west), Jan. 15 -- A new drinking water project has raised the hopes of Chaurjahari residents in Rukum (West) of being free of the drinking water crisis they have been reeling under for the past... Read More

A remote village in Musikot connected to road network 17 years since construction started

Rukum (west), Jan. 14 -- After 17 long years of wait, Dal Bahadur Budha, a local of Galampati, can finally see his dream come true. His remote village in Musikot Municipality has been connected to the... Read More

A municipality in Rukum (West) to monitor public school employees and students' attendance

Rukum (west), Jan. 11 -- Netra Bahadur Budha, principal of Madhyamik Bidhyalaya Khahare, in Chaurjahari Municipality, has furnished clarification twice in just last month at the municipality's Educati... Read More

Local units in Dolpa operate from the district headquarters

Rukum (west), Jan. 9 -- Gaun Gaun Ma Singha Durbar (Singha Durbar in Every Village) was the popular slogan during the local elections held in 2017 after the implementation of federalism in the country... Read More

Contractors selling subsidised rice in Rukum (East) due to lack of employees in depots

Rukum (east), Jan. 3 -- Every year, the government-run Food Management and Trade Company allocates certain quotas of subsidised rice for Rukumkot and Takasera in Rukum (East). Contractors are selecte... Read More

A village in Rukum (West) are bringing road connectivity to their homes

Rukum (west), Jan. 3 -- The village of Umakhola in Rukum (West) does not have motor road access. But that is about to change. The locals have taken up the task of connecting their village with the dis... Read More

Pro-agricultural programme fails to yield desired return

Rukum (west), Dec. 24 -- Last year, a Rs10 million budget was allocated to make Chaukhawang village in Musikot Municipality a 'Cooperative Sample Village', with a programme that was supposed to rope i... Read More

A school that gives goat to top scorers

Rukum (west), Dec. 21 -- Four students from Rajapani Basic School in Musikot Municipality Ward No. 1 received a goat each on Wednesday. Amid the school assembly, Sandeep Roka of grade two; Purushotta... Read More

Buoyed by prospects, West Rukum locals embrace nettle

West Rukum, Dec. 21 -- A few years ago, the Himalayan nettle also known as Allo plant, grown in Badgaun would rot in the forests. With the establishment of a processing plant, the situation has turne... Read More

Local units in Rukum East and West come together to preserve biodiversity

Rukum (east), Dec. 20 -- Sisne, Puthauttarganga and Banfikot local units in Rukum East and West have taken initiatives to conserve a biodiversity hotspot known for being home to rare species like red ... Read More