Biz Integration recognizes CFOs across industries at the 4th Edition of India CFO Awards 2024

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Felix IT Systems Reshapes Design Education with AI-Integrated UI/UX Courses in Pune

India, Feb. 23 -- In an innovative leap forward, Felix IT Systems, a UI UX design institute in Pune is redefining the landscape of design education in Pune with its latest UI/UX design courses enriche... Read More

Jennifer Mehershahi Shines Bright at Marvelous Mrs. India 2024, Embarking on a Trailblazing Journey

India, Feb. 22 -- justify;">New Delhi (India), February 22: In a remarkable feat at the Marvelous Mrs. India 2024 pageant, Jennifer Mehershahi, a dedicated US-based professional, emerged triumphant, s... Read More

AU Small Finance Bank's Credit Cards - Unlock a World of Exclusive Benefits!

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Broadcasters' Pricing Tactics Under Scrutiny - Consumers Face the Brunt

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Imarticus Learning Recognised in GSV 150: Top Companies in Digital Learning

India, Feb. 22 -- - Imarticus Learning, the pioneer of the Indian EdTech landscape, has been named to the highly anticipated 2024 edition of the GSV 150: GSV's annual list of the top 150 private compa... Read More

Distacart Founders' Vision to Make Indian Products More Accessible Globally Comes to Life

India, Feb. 22 -- Distacart, a company that delivers Indian products to customers around the world, has certainly achieved its goal. Offering a wide range of Indian products, from wellness and beauty ... Read More

Gurugram Propels India Forward as a Global Leader in Drone Delivery Adoption

India, Feb. 22 -- justify;">Gurugram, 22nd February, 2024: Gurugram's pioneering embrace of drone delivery adoption marks a significant leap into the future. By championing drone technology, Gurugram ... Read More

New Certification Courses in Audit Analysis and Forensics Introduced by DES Pune University and Riskpro

India, Feb. 22 -- justify;">India, 22nd February 2024: On 3rd February 2024, the DES Pune University (DES PU), known for its educational excellence, joined hands with Riskpro Management Consulting Pvt... Read More

Italian Artistry Meets Nature's Elegance - Stonelam

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