Kabaka Chwa warns Baganda against Western civilisation

Uganda, Oct. 18 -- After 68 years after the coming of Christianity and its spillover of education, descendants of the inviting king were bemoaning its effects on the culture and morals in the Kingdom.... Read More

One man's civil service journey from colonial to Uganda govt

Uganda, Oct. 11 -- To many, the awarding of medals at national celebrations like Independence Day has been popularised by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. However, it is an old trad... Read More

When syphilis threatened to bring down the Uganda Protectorate

Uganda, Oct. 8 -- The Uganda Protectorate was created amid British nationals' protests because of the possible cost of its maintenance. The success of the new protectorate would be based on its abilit... Read More

Colonial govt introduces eucalyptus trees as wood shortage looms

Uganda, Sept. 27 -- "Eucalyptus is here to stay," predicted M.T. Dawe, the head of the Forestry and Scientific Department in his annual report of 1908. This was after the introduction of eucalyptus t... Read More

Introduction of cotton unleashes wave of terror against women in eastern Uganda

Uganda, Sept. 20 -- The British colonialists owed the extension of their rule in eastern Uganda to Ganda loyalists like Semei Kakungulu. The subdued tribes, among other things, were forced to grow co... Read More