The game is not over yet

India, Sept. 14 -- Jonathan Franzen has finally seen the light. Unfortunately, it has blinded him. The distinguished American novelist and essayist wrote a piece in the current issue of The New Yorker... Read More

A political thug in blunderland

India, Sept. 9 -- There is something very gratifying about watching a political thug get hoist with his own petard. Matteo Salvini, the hard-Right populist who thought he could force an early election... Read More

The burning truth about wildfires

India, Sept. 4 -- The Amazon is not on fire. There are wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, as there are every year in July-September, because this is the dry season. There may be more blazes than usua... Read More

Johnson makes his Brexit move

India, Aug. 30 -- Shock! Horror! Johnson prorogues Parliament! End of democracy in Britain! The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, says he was not even consulted, and calls it "a constituti... Read More

Greenland's gamble

India, Aug. 26 -- Right from his purchase of New Jersey casinos to his proposed acquisition of Greenland, Donald Trump's real estate deals have always been plagued by bad timing. The US could probably... Read More

In denial of converging global crises

India, Aug. 23 -- Maybe we can get through the climate crisis without a global catastrophe, although that door is closing fast. And maybe we can cope with the huge loss of jobs caused by the revolutio... Read More

A never-ending culture of war

India, Aug. 16 -- Nation states, like four-year-olds, find it very hard to admit they are in the wrong and apologise. Adult intervention often helps, but all Japan and South Korea have is US Secretary... Read More

Hong Kong: It's purely symbolic

India, Aug. 6 -- The anti-Government demonstrations in Hong Kong are now eight weeks old and still going strong but the level of violence is rising. A lot of the violence is down to the police and to ... Read More

Bug-eyed monster issue

India, Aug. 1 -- There is absolutely no procedure enshrined in international law to respond to a signal from an alien civilisation," said Martin Dominik, an astronomer at the University of St Andrews.... Read More

The last PM of a 'united' kingdom?

India, July 24 -- It has been suggested that Boris Johnson (who became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom yesterday) is what you would get if US President Donald Trump had been educated at Eton ... Read More