The enigma named Putin

India, Jan. 22 -- Five years ago somebody posted photographs on the internet showing a man who looked a lot like Vladimir Putin in photographs from 1920 and 1941. In both shots he was in military unif... Read More

Collateral damage of political paranoia

India, Jan. 15 -- All these shoot-downs of civilian jets by trigger-happy militaries around the world are fundamentally a political phenomenon, not a technical malfunction or mere human error One of ... Read More

Iran is not playing a tit-for-tat game

India, Jan. 7 -- If the Iranians played the game the same way that the American President Donald Trump does, then their revenge for the American assassination of Iran's leading general, Qassem Soleima... Read More

English turkeys vote for Christmas

India, Dec. 23 -- Down on the turkey farm, the Scottish and Irish birds noticed that the smiling man in the festive costume was holding a hatchet behind his back, and hid. The Welsh turkeys looked con... Read More

70 years of a comatose NATO

India, Dec. 4 -- When he took office in January 2017, US President Donald Trump called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( NATO ) "obsolete." But he hates all multinational institutions so that h... Read More

Savour win, don't push your luck

India, Nov. 26 -- The "silent majority" in Hong Kong, who regime supporters hoped would show that they were fed up with the pro-democracy protests that have shaken the city in the last five months, tu... Read More

The tribalisation of politics

India, Nov. 18 -- Homo economicus' is dead. Long live 'homo tribuarius'! That's not really something to celebrate but it's certainly true that in most democratic countries economic self-interest is no... Read More

Not a coup, just a big blunder

India, Nov. 12 -- Democracy is in danger in Bolivia as the result of legitimate pressures from the poor. We cannot generate economic growth and well-being for a few and then expect that the large majo... Read More

Breaking down barriers

India, Nov. 9 -- The fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years ago on Saturday, was one of the best parties I ever went to, and certainly the longest. But when I finally sobered up, it was also quite frighten... Read More

Who is the winner?

India, Oct. 31 -- The death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi serves as a symbolic full stop to the many civil wars that have engulfed Syria in the last eight years, although Baghdadi was not person... Read More