Winner winner?

Nepal, April 19 -- At first, the kid seemed like any other kid his age - head down engrossed in his mobile phone as we sat in a hotel lobby. Then started what can only be described as frantic, almost ... Read More

Not so smart

Nepal, March 29 -- The road near my friend's house has been dug up and left as it is for the last few months. Every time I ride my bike through that road, all I can think of is what a nightmare it is ... Read More

President, public and precedence

Nepal, March 15 -- Our President recently made a trip to the United States to attend a high level UN summit and one only hopes, for the sake of the taxpayer contributions used to fund the trip, that s... Read More

Gender bias: Nepali style

Nepal, March 8 -- Today is International Women's Day and as working women all over the country kick back and relax (hopefully), it's time to re-visit the recurring theme for today. In the case of Nepa... Read More

Swimming for life

Nepal, March 1 -- This week saw yet another tragic case of a Nepali student drowning in Australia. Over the past few years, we have read and heard about what seems like more than sporadic instances of... Read More

Talking democracy

Nepal, Feb. 22 -- I don't know if it's just me or not but the Democracy Day celebrations this past Tuesday were a little underwhelming to say the least. It was more a perfunctory exercise than an actu... Read More

Of chances and dances

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- I once had the rather unique experience of being an invigilator for the EPS-TOPIK exams conducted in Kathmandu. For those of you in the dark, the EPS TOPIK is the official language e... Read More


Nepal, Feb. 8 -- It has been a feature of the eating out/dining experience in Nepal for as long as I can remember - actually for as long as I can remember since I started paying the bills. It's one ha... Read More

In the name of development

Nepal, Feb. 1 -- They say you can get a sense of the beauty of any city from the air - the bright lights, the roads, houses, greenery, landmark monuments and the like. If you are the sort of person wh... Read More