Kill Bill

Kathmandu, June 21 -- This week marked a temporary victory for all campaigners out on the streets against the proposed Guthi Bill. The victory is only temporary, because the bill is being considered f... Read More

Knowing your way

Kathmandu, June 14 -- It's that time of the year again when we start to fret about the condition of our roads. To be honest, we do that all year round anyway but with the monsoon almost upon us a sens... Read More

WHAT'S so Funny? Film, comedy and farce

Kathmandu, June 7 -- It's a sensitive age that we seem to be living in. I was following the flare up between various representatives of the Nepali film industry and the aspiring comedian Pranesh Gauta... Read More

A sense of deja vu

Kathmandu, May 31 -- This Republic Day passed just like all the other days that we designate to commemorate important national milestones, with the sort of lukewarm remembrance that borders on indiffe... Read More

Tourists are us

Kathmandu, May 24 -- My social media feed these days is full of images and snapshots of the more picturesque parts of Nepal. A lot of young people over the last few years seem to have taken up traveli... Read More


Nepal, May 17 -- Not the temples, nor the monasteries, palaces or even the historical architecture - it's the all-permeating dust that has come to define us. When we leave Kathmandu, we heave a sigh o... Read More

Scam central

Nepal, May 3 -- This country is going to the dogs and, if anyone needed any convincing, then a brief glance at the news over the past year ought to do it. Our news feed seems to be filled with a never... Read More

Winner winner?

Nepal, April 19 -- At first, the kid seemed like any other kid his age - head down engrossed in his mobile phone as we sat in a hotel lobby. Then started what can only be described as frantic, almost ... Read More

Not so smart

Nepal, March 29 -- The road near my friend's house has been dug up and left as it is for the last few months. Every time I ride my bike through that road, all I can think of is what a nightmare it is ... Read More