A letter from the world's youngest nation

Uganda, Sept. 22 -- I hankered down South Sudan's capital, Juba, this week aboard the flamboyant but empty airbus of Uganda airlines. We were no more than a corridor compartment of travellers but the... Read More

Ugandan youth still at risk of several problems

Uganda, Sept. 22 -- Despite affirmative action by the government of Uganda to empower Uganda's youth, such as the constitutional allotting of four slots in Parliament and even some slots in the distri... Read More

Planning for that pension pay-out; a few dos and don'ts

Uganda, Sept. 21 -- A pension is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as an amount of money paid regularly by the government or a private company to a person who does not work anymore because they are ... Read More

Women suffer wrath of climate change

Uganda, Sept. 21 -- That extreme weather patterns have become a common occurrence around the globe is no longer a surprise. A recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC special report notes... Read More

Remove visa restrictions between Uganda, South Africa

Uganda, Sept. 20 -- The trade and business relationship between Uganda and South Africa has been growing steadily over the years. Uganda offers attractive incentives for investors which include the ri... Read More

Why you must find time for regular physical exercise

Uganda, Sept. 18 -- It's an unfortunate truth that often when we're in need of a workout, we're least motivated to actually get active. The hardest thing about exercises is to start. Once you are doin... Read More

Can Uganda thrive without World Bank?

Uganda, Sept. 18 -- On August 8, the media was awash with news of World Bank's decision to stop new public funding to Uganda. The World Bank position was in response to Uganda's passing of the Anti-Ho... Read More

Govt should regulate school fees

Uganda, Sept. 18 -- In line with the 1992 Government White Paper on Education, Uganda liberalised the education sector to allow private actors supplement government efforts in providing education. Thi... Read More

Alcohol abuse: The road safety perspective

Uganda, Sept. 18 -- The other day, someone (@samwyri) posted on X (former Twitter): "We must admit that our efforts to finish alcohol have been unsuccessful. Instead, it is finishing us. Too many peop... Read More

Boda bodas: There are better ways to enforce laws

Uganda, Sept. 15 -- For the past few weeks, any keen road user should have noticed the ambush boda boda impoundment by the KCCA law enforcement officers together with police. Understandably, this is i... Read More