HIV /AIDS, risk perception and the fading individual responsibility

Uganda, Dec. 8 -- Every year on December 1, nations all over the world observe World Aids Day to show support for individuals who are infected with the virus, to raise awareness of prevention among th... Read More

Ebola: What will it take for us to learn?

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The harsh reality of the boy-child

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UMA members kneeling before Museveni was disgraceful

Uganda, Dec. 7 -- While it should not matter, permit me to disclose that I am Kenyan, although I trace my ancestry to Uganda. History tells me that in the 1700s, the Abakunta ancestors-Kiboyye and Wit... Read More

Are GMOs the answer to food insecurity?

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HIV diagnosis in Uganda has evolved

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Of sophisticated corruption cartels and schemes

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Lecturers need to adopt new strategies

Uganda, Dec. 6 -- A couple of weeks ago the media was awash with reports of interdiction of a lecturer who was recorded on phone slapping a female student at Makerere University. The lecturer was rep... Read More

Museveni's trip to Vietnam spot on

Uganda, Dec. 5 -- President Museveni and his delegation trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, for bilateral discussions with his counter part, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc creates immense investment opportunities for... Read More

Ways to prevent drug resistance

Uganda, Dec. 5 -- The World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) is a global campaign commemorated annually between November 18 and 24. The campaign aims at improving awareness and understanding of ant... Read More