Tourism must preserve welfare of wild animals

Uganda, Nov. 26 -- Uganda's tourism sector has experienced tremendous growth, thanks to the government intervention, private sector players and the communities neighbouring conservation areas. Prior t... Read More

COPs flop due to deliberate delay and obstruction

Uganda, Nov. 25 -- Since early 2020, the world's richest countries have shown that they have the money and capacity to act when they decide to, spending $14 trillion on Covid stimulus packages and $80... Read More

Deal to enforce forestprotection is welcome

Uganda, Nov. 25 -- Uganda is among five countries in the world that signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a forest partnership with the European Union (EU) at the just concluded Conference of... Read More

Money talks: Western hypocrisy laid bare

Uganda, Nov. 24 -- If there were any doubt that the politics of world football is a performance theatre, Fifa President Gianni Infantino laid it to rest 24 hours before the World Cup kicked off in Qat... Read More

Why youth should defend democracy

Uganda, Nov. 24 -- The recent death of national democratic and political colossus, Paul Kawanga Ssemwogere, is a cruel reminder that the promise of democracy in Uganda is still elusive and there is no... Read More

All hands on deck to advance children's rights

Uganda, Nov. 23 -- We are living through daunting times that could jeopardise the progress made in the last decades to advance the well-being and rights of all children and young people. Today, the wo... Read More

Ebola: Another reminder why we must fix our public health system

Uganda, Nov. 23 -- The current tripartite crisis of food insecurity, climate change, and pandemic outbreaks like Covid-19 and Ebola underscores that Uganda needs a robust and resilient public health s... Read More

Uganda must triple efforts in fighting climate change

Uganda, Nov. 19 -- As world leaders meet in Sharm -el - sheik in Egypt for the COP 27 summit, countries need to come together to take action towards achieving the world's collective climate goals as a... Read More

Remember those souls, take stock and do better

Uganda, Nov. 19 -- On March 10, after 11 days of trekking 340.2 km, Joseph Beyanga, the Head of radio at KFM and Dembe FM, posted a photo on his Twitter page, hands triumphantly raised and supporting ... Read More

Manner of arrest, handling of suspects is deplorable

Uganda, Nov. 18 -- In the recent past, we have witnessed several accounts of gruesome arbitrary arrests of several individuals by unidentified and identified security operatives. The manner of arrest ... Read More