'You Don't Deal With Failure. Failure Deals With You'

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Middling Perfection

Delhi, June 12 -- If Basu Chatterjee had a middle name, it would be simplicity. One of the pioneers of middle-of-the-road cinema, he passed away after a protracted illness at 90 in Mumbai on June 4. H... Read More

Under Attack From BJP, Can Uddhav Thackeray Sail Through A Political Turmoil As COVID Lurks?

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'Is A Polluted, Dirty And Sick Planet The Legacy We Want?'

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'Web series challenges you to try new things'

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Lockdown Locha: Salman, Akshay's Eid Releases On Hold As Filmmakers Take The OTT Route

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Sign Of A Patch-Up?

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'Our Storytelling Has Changed Because We As Citizens Have Changed'

Delhi, May 1 -- Atul Kulkarni, a two-time National Award-winning actor known for power-packed performances in films such as Hey Ram (2000), Chandni Bar (2001) and Rang De Basanti (2006), is back with ... Read More

Saheb Supernova

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