LOUGHRAN: Elderly fear easing the lockdown could make their lives harder

Nairobi, May 9 -- As the government ponders an easing of the lockdown, there is a distinct nervousness among Britain's older people, a demographic which includes your correspondent, as to what it will... Read More

LOUGHRAN: 16 dead in lockdown, violence, but hopes raised for an early vaccine

Nairobi, May 3 -- Three weeks ago, this column reported that calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline shot up by 25 per cent after the virus lockdown began. At latest report, that figure is 49 p... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Black and Asian minorities hit hardest by coronavirus pandemic

Nairobi, April 25 -- Nurse Mary Agyapong, aged 28, was pregnant when she was admitted to hospital in Luton with Covid-19. Despite the medics' best efforts, Mary died, but her baby was delivered by ca... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Pandemic brings out the worst of con men

Nairobi, April 18 -- An elderly couple received a telephone call saying a relative of theirs had been infected by Covid-19 and, therefore, they would need to be tested. Close to midnight there came a... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Lockdown causes a big increase in abuse calls

Nairobi, April 11 -- Imagine what life would be like if you are locked up with an aggressive, controlling, often violent person 24 hours a day with no possibility of escape. That is the reality which... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Police under fire in virus crisis, but public's conduct despicable

Nairobi, April 4 -- Protests against the use of drones and complaints of heavy-handedness by police during the UK's coronavirus crisis might seem of little significance to Kenyans who have suffered ph... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Coronavirus 'house arrest' brings memories of detention in the past

Nairobi, March 28 -- Most foreign correspondents, at some point in their careers, experience a period of involuntary inactivity when they are unable to report, write or file dispatches. This is becau... Read More

LOUGHRAN: 'Stay home' order to beat pandemic - but confinement is a problem, too

Nairobi, March 22 -- Covid 19, or the coronavirus if you prefer, has plunged the world into uncertainty and apprehension on a scale few of us will ever have known. An unusually statesmanlike Prime Mi... Read More

LOUGHRAN: Climate change fears grow after the wettest February on record

Nairobi, March 8 -- The husband stood on his sodden living room carpet, surveying the devastation around him. "When my wife saw this, she was in floods of tears," he told a reporter, then smiled unhap... Read More