Galana-Kulalu to offer private firms 5,000 acres in March

Nairobi, Jan. 27 -- The Ministry of Water will open up 5,000 acres of the Galana-Kulalu Irrigation Scheme to private companies next month under the private-public partnership (PPP) as the government s... Read More

Egg prices to increase on shortage, expensive imports from Uganda

Nairobi, Jan. 26 -- Consumers are paying more for eggs as the price of the commodity shoots to a high of Sh450 a tray from Sh380 in November, amid scarcity and expensive imports from Uganda. The shar... Read More

Kenya eyes more regional trade after pact with two blocs kicks off in March

Nairobi, Jan. 25 -- Kenya could soon start exporting its goods outside the East African Community (EAC) market with the implementation of a tripartite agreement that is expected to be implemented in M... Read More

Coffee exchange to accept five CMA-licensed brokers

Nairobi, Jan. 24 -- The Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) will admit five brokers the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) licensed last year, reversing an earlier stance in which it had resisted their admissi... Read More

China shipping costs fall on container availability

Nairobi, Jan. 23 -- Shipping cost from China has dropped by over half on the back of the availability of empty containers and the low demand for goods in the global market, reversing historic freight ... Read More

Tea from western Kenya fetches low prices at sale

Nairobi, Jan. 20 -- Tea from western Kenya continues to perform dismally at the auction as the minimum price continues to take a toll on the beverage, which recorded an absorption rate of 32 percent t... Read More

Traders get two weeks to export avocado in off-season period

Nairobi, Jan. 19 -- The Horticulture Directorate has opened a two-week window for the export of off-season mature avocados following the closure of exports in November last year. The move is to allow... Read More

Wheat prices to remain high on sharp drop in production

Nairobi, Jan. 19 -- The price of wheat is expected to remain high following a sharp decline in the production of the commodity in Ukraine, one of the world's top exporters. Production of grain in Ukr... Read More

Millers yet to get State direction on importation of duty-free maize

Nairobi, Jan. 17 -- The government is yet to issue clarity on maize imports with less than a month to the opening of the duty-free window, which will delay the much-anticipated decline in the price of... Read More

Tea traders push for removal of VAT, packaging material taxes

Nairobi, Jan. 17 -- The Ministry of Agriculture says it will table to the Cabinet a request by tea traders to have the 16 percent value-added tax on packaging material and 35 percent duty on imported ... Read More