High Court order intensifies fight between NMMC and CIDCO over planning authority

NAVI MUMBAI, Sept. 30 -- A recent order of the Mumbai High Court division bench including the Chief Justice declaring CIDCO as the new town planning authority and having the right to auction lands in ... Read More

Flamingo named 'Navi Mumbai', tagged to track movements

NAVI MUMBAI, Sept. 29 -- Bird lovers in Navi Mumbai are elated that the nature research body, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has named a flamingo, 'Navi Mumbai', and even GPS tagged it to track... Read More

Morde dam on the verge of overflowing, water level filled up to 98%

NAVI MUMBAI, Sept. 24 -- Morbe dam, Navi Mumbai's source of water, has filled up to 97.74% and might overflow in another spell of heavy rains. The incessant rains in recent times have filled up the da... Read More

Leak in storm water drain causing health hazards, Parsik Hill residents complain

NAVI MUMBAI, Sept. 24 -- For over ten years, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has failed to plug a leak in the storm water drain on the residential part of the Parsik Hill despite repeated... Read More

MLA resorts to rasta roko agitation in Panvel for CIDCO to take action against pathetic road condition

NAVI MUMBAI, Sept. 22 -- It took a protest led by BJP MLA Prashant Thakur for CIDCO to wake up and assure concrete measures over the pathetic state of affairs of a flyover in New Panvel and its approa... Read More