Foreign Policy Perspectives; Sri Lanka first

Sri Lanka, Nov. 22 -- "Foreign Policy Perspectives; Sri Lanka First," is the latest (4th) book published as part of a series, by the Ambassadors' Forum of Sri Lanka and launched at the Organisation of... Read More

Covid-19 and Sri Lanka's leveraging potential

Sri Lanka, Nov. 22 -- What is Sri Lanka's international leveraging position in these pandemic times? What does it have that is unique in the world? Being a country with an ancient heritage and a knowl... Read More

Case for a health system on compassion and heritage

Sri Lanka, Nov. 15 -- With around 25,000 traditional medicine practitioners and thousands of other Ayurveda doctors, why have we not incorporated a policy to use the expertise of each of these physici... Read More

Ayurveda and Indigenous medical expertise to overcome Covid-19

Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 -- We publish below an interview with Ayurvedic Doctor, S.M.S. Samarakoon, senior lecturer and Head of the Deshiya Chikitsa Unit (Indigenous Medicine) at the Institute of Indigenous ... Read More

Magical health in your traditional Lankan food

Sri Lanka, Oct. 18 -- My most recent meeting with Sri Lanka's culinary legend and author of many books on the Lankan food heritage, Deshabandu Dr. Pabilis Silva (Tommadura Pubeliyes Sinno) was last Mo... Read More

A review of Sri Lanka's heritage sector, an urgent need - Dr. Gamini Wijesuriya

Sri Lanka, Oct. 11 -- This is the second part of the interview with Dr. Gamini Wijesuriya, an international activist on heritage. Q: In the discussion last week you said that 'Heritage' is a relative... Read More

Heritage is What societies inspire, celebrate, use and protect - Dr. Gamini Wijesuriya

Sri Lanka, Oct. 4 -- What do we mean when we use the word 'heritage?' Is it only about monuments and structures? What is the role of people in heritage conservation? These are some of the questions we... Read More

Neutralising venom with venom- Dr. Anslem de Silva

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- We feature this week an interview with Dr. Anslem de Silva, world renowned Sri Lankan biologist and herpetologist, who is considered the father of modern herpetology in Sri Lank... Read More

Preserving Preserving Visa Wedakam

Sri Lanka, Sept. 13 -- People co-habit with diverse other creatures in the world; the poisonous and the non- poisonous; the ferocious and the meek. In current times of human arrogance reaching its pe... Read More