Nutritionalising the soil

Sri Lanka, June 12 -- This article is part of a new series by the Sunday Observer on nutritionalising (fertilising) the soil. The earth is a living being. The soil, is its main component and to it we ... Read More

Need to eliminate fear psychosis vital - Dr. Thanabalsingam Gadambanathan

Sri Lanka, June 6 -- Below is an interview with Dr. Thanabalsingam Gadambanathan, senior consultant and specialist in Psychiatry attached to the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa. He has working experie... Read More

Indigenous medical system for Covid-19

Sri Lanka, May 30 -- With the Ministry of Health on May 23 deciding to convert 50 Ayurvedic Hospitals islandwide as Intermediate Covid Treatment Centres, hope is renewed of Sri Lanka's unique indigeno... Read More

New Army in Covid-19 battle

Sri Lanka, May 17 -- This article will attempt to juxtapose the challenge of defeating terrorism that Sri Lanka faced and succeeded in May 2009 being the only country to defeat terrorism, with the cha... Read More

Give us a chance to tell the truth - former LTTEer

Sri Lanka, May 9 -- Forty-four-year-old Naguleswarakumar Subothini of Pooneri, Jaffna, is the mother of two school going daughters. The oldest is sitting for her Ordinary Level examination and the yo... Read More

Sri Lanka's success story

Sri Lanka, May 2 -- The month of May brings Sri Lanka to the 12th anniversary of ending 30 years of bloodshed in the country and marks the vanquishing of terrorism. Through the complete defeat of the... Read More

Lanka's success as a global model for reconciliation

Sri Lanka, April 25 -- In May 2009 Sri Lanka ended one of the bloodiest chapters in its history when it completely defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)classified the world over as a te... Read More

Truths, untruths and Sri Lankan commitment

Sri Lanka, March 28 -- The international community, through its peculiar insistence on harping on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka has done the exact opposite of promoting national reconciliation. Whi... Read More

The international perspective on Lanka and the gaps therein

Sri Lanka, March 21 -- On March 16, an online event was hosted by an international human rights organisation- the Universal Human Rights Council (UHRC-Geneva) and themed Why the UN Resolution is a Nec... Read More