INVESTIGATION (3): A Reporter's Diary - Living With A 'Mad' Cell Mate, Set Up By Prison Warders, Abducted By the Police

Nigeria, Oct. 23 -- In the third and final part of a three - part undercover investigative series, FISAYO SOYOMBO documents the soft side of his time in police cell and prison, and how prison, police ... Read More

INVESTIGATION(2): Drug Abuse, Sodomy, Bribery, Pimping. The Cash-And-Carry Operations Of Ikoyi Prison

Nigeria, Oct. 21 -- In the second report of a three-part undercover investigative series, FISAYO SOYOMBO exposes how the courts short-change the law, and the prisons are themselves a cesspool of the e... Read More

INVESTIGATION (1): Bribery, Bail For Sale. Lagos Police Station Where Innocent Civilians Are Jailed And Criminals Are Recycled

Nigeria, Oct. 14 -- Investigative journalist FISAYO SOYOMBO spent two weeks in detention - five days in a Police cell and eight as an inmate in Ikoyi Prison - to track corruption in Nigeria's criminal... Read More