Frequency of earthquakes increase by 55% in J&K; clamor grows for tremor-resistant structures

Srinagar, March 22 -- The frequencyof earthquakes in Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh has increased by 55 percent in the last five years. The government data accessed by The Kashmir Monitor revealed thatar... Read More

Leech therapy: J&K government to launch crackdown against quacks

Srinagar, March 21 -- Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to launch a crackdown against the quacks for practicing ' leech therapy' on gullible people in the valley. Thousands of people undergo l... Read More

Migratory birds census: Over 13 lakh winged guests visit Kashmir this winter

Srinagar, March 20 -- More than 13 lakh migratory birds visited Kashmir this winter. A fresh census conducted by the wildlifedepartment revealed that nearly 13 lakh winged guests from various countri... Read More

Energy Statistics report: J&K has 2nd highest potential to generate solar power in India

Srinagar, March 17 -- Jammu and Kashmir has the second highest potential to generate renewable energy in the country. Energy Statistics India report 2023 has revealed that the union territory has a s... Read More

How Turkey-quake spurred demand for Kashmir apples in Indian markets

Srinagar, March 15 -- Fruit growers have heaved a sigh of relief as demand for Kashmir apples has shot by more than 40 percent in different markets across the country. Industry honchos said the earth... Read More

'A trip to Southeast Asia is cheaper than Kashmir': Tourism players flag airfare hike; send SOS to government

Srinagar, March 15 -- Tourism stakeholders have sent SOS to the government after airline companies hiked fares for the second time in three months. Tourism players fear the steep hike could hamper th... Read More

For a change, traditional Kashmiri 'noon chai' gets an 'instant' makeover

Srinagar, March 13 -- Tired of spending hours brewing Kashmiri noon chai? Well, this practice is going to be a thing of the past soon. A scientist at Sher-i-Kashmir University of Sciences and Agricul... Read More

Zero waiting time to digital clearances: J&K unveils 'Logistic Policy' to boost industry, business

Srinagar, March 10 -- Jammu and Kashmir government has unveiled a new 'Logistic Policy' to boost the industrial and business sectors. The logistics sector in the union territory is witnessing massive... Read More

Centre to connect Jammu with Amritsar-Kolkata Industrial Corridor to boost manufacturing sector

Srinagar, March 9 -- Centre is planning to connect Jammu with Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC) to boost manufacturing and logistic sectors in Jammu and Kashmir. Amritsar Delhi Kolkata Indu... Read More

From 'Soi' to ' Soi tea', poison ivy has come a long way

Srinagar, March 8 -- For centuries Soi (Nettle) has been considered the biggest enemy by farmers in Kashmir. Such is the negativity towards this weed, that it has been used as a substitute for strict ... Read More