Hyderabad: 22-year-old ends life over vaccine hesitancy

Hyderabad, June 15 -- A 22-year-old man in the city's Manikonda area ended his life after his family pressured him to get the dose. The youth identified as P Shiva Prakash died on Sunday by consuming... Read More

[Video] Netizens spot Donald Trump selling kulfi, singing songs in Pakistan

Hyderabad, June 14 -- With a global population of 7,713 million, it is obvious to have many doppelgangers around the world. We have come across many such cases with celebrities quite often and in a si... Read More

We have better options: Man's post evokes veg vs non-veg debate

Hyderabad, June 10 -- We have a feud that has lasted ages and continues to rage every now and then. Especially relevant in India, the fire of the veg vs. non-veg debate has now caught the internet. O... Read More

'Game of gamble or skill?' Bombay HC hears petition against Ludo

Mumbai, June 9 -- The online version of Ludo has got our backs, entertaining in the lockdown, providing much-needed respite. To win the game requires not only individual technique but also lots of luc... Read More

Viral video: Woman orders fried chicken, gets fried towel instead

Hyderabad, June 8 -- A woman from the Philippines was stunned when she received a fried towel instead of fried chicken that she had ordered from Jollibee, a popular fast food chain in the country. Th... Read More

Mumbai man creates 3D application to seek internship at CRED

Mumbai, June 8 -- Getting a job in this day and age requires a uniqueness to surpass the crowd out there, as the interviewers themselves look for a different kind of creativity in each person. And th... Read More

Nigeria suspends Twitter after platform deletes President Buhari's tweet

Abuja, June 5 -- Nigeria's ministry of information and culture on Friday announced that it has indefinitely suspended Twitter's operations in the country saying the platform was being used for activit... Read More

Viral video: Man dresses up as superman; gets hit by bus

Hyderabad, June 4 -- One needs to perform a variety of stunts to be relevant and viral on the internet these days. In a similar case, a comedian dressed up as Superman was hit by a bus, after he tried... Read More

Google faces backlash after showing Kannada 'ugliest language of India'

Bengaluru, June 4 -- Google on Thursday landed in a soup after a search on its portal showed south-Indian language Kannada as the 'ugliest language in India'. The Search result sparked an outrage amo... Read More

Juhi Chawla's 5G hearing interrupted by singing fans; internet in splits

New Delhi, June 3 -- A hearing by the Delhi high court on Wednesday became a matter of internet laughs after fans of Juhi Chawla, whose petition on 5G was being heard, joined the virtual session and i... Read More