Hyderabad physicist solves mathematical problem unsolved for 161 years

Hyderabad, June 28 -- A city-based mathematical physicist, Kumar Eswaran claims that he has found the solution for the Riemann Hypothesis (RH), the famous mathematical problem that has remained unsolv... Read More

British man tests positive for COVID-19 43 times so far!

London, June 25 -- A 72-year-old British man with a history of lung disease, who recently recovered from leukemia had tested positive for COVID-19, for a straight 43rd time in the past 10 months. Dav... Read More

NY woman receives hundreds of wrong packages; Amazon refuses to take them back

New York, June 24 -- A woman had been receiving hundreds of packages from Amazon filled with mask brackets, for several days without placing any order. Jillian Cannan, from New York said to the media... Read More

California: DNA of Subway's tuna sandwich finds no meat in it!

Los Angeles, June 23 -- Ever wondered what's in the fast food meat that makes it so yummier and addictive, or is it even meat that they use? Well, that is what was going through the workers of NewYor... Read More

Digital artist explains how Indian food is not just 'curry'; internet loves it

Hyderabad, June 23 -- India has the most diverse culture and heritage, comprising the most unique variety of customs, dressing, dances and to top it all off, food. Food is one of the biggest flexes I... Read More

Telangana govt sanctions Rs 15 Cr for Bonalu; festival to begin from July 11

Hyderabad, June 22 -- After a long battle with the COVID-19 second wave, the Telangana government is ready for this year's Ashada Bonalu celebrations which will begin on July 11. A traditional Hindu ... Read More

Petrol tanker overturns in MP's Shivpuri; people rush to scoop free fuel

New Delhi, June 18 -- In times when petrol and diesel prices are peaking, what would one do when the fuel is available for free? Obviously try to take as much as he can. That is what exactly transpire... Read More

'This is DPS belt': Desi mom reacting to 35K Gucci belt is relatable!

Hyderabad, June 16 -- Overpriced products and Indian mothers do not go well together, is a fact. Desi mothers will go to any extent to prove that a product is better off at a much cheaper price. In a... Read More

Sikhs, Hindus in Punjab village contribute to build mosque for its Muslim families

Ludhiana, June 16 -- Setting an example of communal harmony in the country, Hindus and Sikhs of a village in Punjab's Moga district came together to build a mosque for four Muslim families residing. A... Read More

COVID-19: Here are states that eased their lockdowns as cases subsided

Hyderabad, June 15 -- Following a dip in cases compared to early May when a lockdown was imposed in Telangana, the government has opted to gradually relax the restriction timings. The state is current... Read More