Asia can battle crisis together for economic progress, PM tells Chinese FM

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on South Asia, South East Asia, and China to unite in combating the economic crunch stemming from the Russia-Ukraine war. Speaking to Chinese ... Read More

Owners want 100pc rise in launch fares

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Launch owners want to raise fares by 100 per cent following a hike in fuel oil prices. After a 23 per cent hike in diesel price, launch fares were increased by more than 35 per cent ... Read More

BCSIR develops affordable Covid-19 testing kit for first time in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- The Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research (BCSIR) has developed an affordable Covid-19 testing kit for the first time in Bangladesh. Professor Md Aftab Ali Sheikh, ch... Read More

How to deal with cholera

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- A country long vulnerable to classical vibrio cholera, followed by large-scale deaths, Bangladesh, can now reasonably be considered free of the deadly diarrhoeal, virus-borne illness.... Read More

Westerners have put us into the danger: PM's Energy Advisor

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Prime Minister's Energy Advisor Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury has blamed the current energy crisis in the country on the 'Westerners.' "This not our self creation. The Westerners have put... Read More

Israel, Palestinians agree Egypt-brokered truce in Gaza

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Israel and a Palestinian group have agreed to a truce in Gaza from Sunday evening as mediated by Cairo, sources said, after a weekend-long pounding of Palestinian targets by Israel tr... Read More

Ukraine accuses Russia of shelling nuclear plant again

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Ukraine accused Russia on Sunday of again shelling Europe's largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia, and called for new international sanctions on Moscow for "nuclear terror". ... Read More

Amnesty apologises for 'distress and anger' caused by its report on Ukraine

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Amnesty International apologised on Sunday for the "distress and anger" caused by a report accusing Ukraine of endangering civilians which infuriated President Volodymyr Zelensky and ... Read More

HSBC approves Tk 6.12b social loan for BRAC

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Bangladesh facilitated social loan financing for BRAC in a programme recently. Under the agreement, BRAC will receive Tk 6.12 ... Read More

Jatiya Party announces two-day protest programme over fuel price hike

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Jatiya Party, the main opposition party in parliament, has announced a two-day programme to protest against the government's 'anti-people' decision to increase fuel prices. The progr... Read More