St Joseph emerges victorious in chess among 2062 schools

Dhaka, Jan. 26 -- On January 16, Marks Active School Chess Championship, a school-based team chess competition came to a conclusion at International Convention City Bashundhara in Dhaka came to a clos... Read More

Experience of higher studies in European countries

Dhaka, Jan. 12 -- Europe has been a top sought-after destination for both travel and studies for centuries. So what if anyone could study and travel across different European countries at the same tim... Read More

Hult Prize at BUTEX in full swing

Dhaka, Jan. 12 -- Hult Prize is an annual and the largest student entrepreneurship competition that invites ideas from different university students worldwide after challenging them to implement a bus... Read More

Solving global challenges via social entrepreneurship

Dhaka, Dec. 15 -- The Hult Prize is an international contest that promotes the youth of the country to enhance their leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities by creating firms to address certain pr... Read More

Young investment enthusiasts sealing the deal

Dhaka, Dec. 8 -- This year, the nation's biggest investment strategy competition, 'MetLife presents Capitalizer '22', was organised by BUP Finance Society under the Department of BBA in Finance and Ba... Read More

NSU Bit Arena 2022: Platform to showcase talent in robotics

Dhaka, Dec. 8 -- "Bit Arena 2022" was organised by the NSU Computer & Engineering Club following the Covid-19 Pandemic and a break of nearly five years. To begin the inauguration event, Dr Rajesh Pali... Read More

Curtain drops on Career Clinic 2022 at EWU

Dhaka, Dec. 1 -- The closing ceremony of "Career Clinic 2022 Powered by ShareTrip", organised by East West University Business Club, took place recently along with an on-campus recruitment session wit... Read More

ULAB preparing students to face 4IR challenges

Dhaka, Dec. 1 -- Engineering is a stable and well-paid profession. Nine of the top 10 highest-paid degree subjects are engineering-related, and graduates with an engineering degree achieve ahigher ave... Read More

International Leadership Program on Education begins its third instalment

Dhaka, Nov. 17 -- The Global Innovation and Leadership Centre (GILC), a renowned local youth leadership organisation, launched the International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) at the United In... Read More