KSE-100 edge higher despite profit taking

Pakistan, July 15 -- Pakistan stock exchange benchmark Kse-100 witnessed another day of Bull Run, marking the 13th consecutive session of the rally. However, in the later session of the day investors ... Read More

KSE-100: The rally continues!

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KSE-100: A day of consolidation!

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KSE-100: Bull-run continues for 9th successive session

Pakistan, July 9 -- Kse-100 witnessed another winning streak on Wednesday, marking a rally for the 9th consecutive session as upbeat investor sentiments acted as a catalyst in boosting index to cross ... Read More

KSE-100 gains 170 points amid volatility

Pakistan, July 8 -- Bulls and bears continue to lock horns at Pakistan stock exchange as Kse-100 recorded another volatile session as index climbed 170.58 points at the session's closing at 35,373.35 ... Read More

KSE-100 gains 1,112 points amid bullish trend

Pakistan, July 4 -- Bulls welcomed new fiscal year 2021 by recording an energetic comeback at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) after weeks of bearish trade and lack of rally as the KSE-100 index rebo... Read More

Bull-run continues at KSE-100

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KSE-100: Bulls trump terror

Pakistan, June 30 -- Investors faced a unique crisis on the first trading session of the week when Terrorists stormed Pakistan Stock Exchange premises in Karachi and injured several civilians before b... Read More

Interest rate cut lifts KSE-100 by 230 points

Pakistan, June 27 -- Friday was a day to cheer, as investors welcomed State bank of Pakistan's announcement to cut interest rate by 100 basis points to 7%. Benchmark KSE-100 index ended on a positive ... Read More

KSE-100: stocks bounce after bears retreat

Pakistan, June 23 -- Stocks witnessed a day of respite after bears lost ground on Monday, lifting Kse-100 index by 298.97 points. During the early trade Index failed to break losing streak and added ... Read More