For those having suicidal thoughts, helplines offer an empathic ear and emotional support

Kathmandu, Jan. 21 -- Dr Nabin Lekhak was going about his day at Patan Hospital's outpatient psychiatry department when he got a phone call. The person on the other end told Lekhak that he didn't want... Read More

Widows in Nepal still need to fight for their property right

Lalitpur, Jan. 15 -- Deepa was just 30 when her husband died of blood cancer. They had been married three years and had a 13-month toddler. When the earthquakes of 2015 struck, the house where she was... Read More

Most homeless people suffer from mental health problems, but there's little help for them

Kathmandu, Jan. 13 -- On a cool winter morning, Richa was going through her slides before taking a lunch break. As the fundraising officer for an advocacy organisation, she had a presentation on menta... Read More

Children left behind are the hidden costs of labour migration

Kathmandu, Jan. 7 -- Prabesh Jha was only 10 years old when his father left for Kuwait to work in a factory. Jha has not seen his father for eight years and he feels a disconnect. "When we talk on th... Read More

Adults with Down syndrome don't just need sympathy-they need jobs

Kathmandu, Jan. 5 -- Routine tasks make Pradesh Aryal happy. Gathering dirty dishes, loading them carefully into the sink and meticulously cleaning the cups and plates are among the most fulfilling ex... Read More

Attacked and violated

Nepal, Dec. 31 -- The issues related to gender-based violence in Nepali society have been talked about for a long time and the press has been an important agency in informing and, at the same time, ma... Read More

Without proper sanitation facilities, girls keep missing school during menstruation

Kathmandu, Dec. 31 -- Sixteen-year-old Sabita misses two to four days of school every month. As an eleventh grader at the Satdobato-based Mahendra Adarsha Vidyashram community school, this can cause p... Read More

No help at home for women migrants who come back with babies

Kathmandu, Dec. 25 -- Benu returned home from Saudi Arabia on December 8 after a year and a half abroad. Her employer had ended her contract for her work as a housemaid and she had been forced to leav... Read More

Bangladeshis are being trafficked into Nepal, but most cases go unreported

Kathmandu, Dec. 24 -- Hussain came to Nepal from Bangladesh in October to work. His recruiting agents had promised him a job in a big carpet factory that would pay him Rs 50,000 a month. But when he a... Read More

Miscarriages are common but women continue to suffer in silence

Kathmandu, Dec. 16 -- When the doctor told Rajita that he couldn't find her foetus' heartbeat during an ultrasound, she was heartbroken. It was her first pregnancy. At 12 weeks, she was told to take a... Read More