Commentary: Government officials will not take risk by impeding free election

Dhaka, May 27 -- The new US policy of visa cancellation is quite innovative and it has come as a great relief to our people in the hope that the government officials will not take the risk of rigging ... Read More

There has to be international concern against massive violence waiting to happen

Dhaka, May 25 -- Bangladesh politics has become highly confrontational, often violent, between the ruling Awami League and the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party across the country. The BNP ... Read More

If we can't be above law, break Constitution, rig election and become rich then why in power?

Dhaka, May 24 -- To our amazement our leaders staying in India as exile government for nine months changed themselves so much as not to uphold the values of democratic leadership for serving the peopl... Read More

Govt's borrowing from BB intensifies liquidity crunch in commercial banks

Dhaka, May 19 -- The government's reliance on borrowing a substantial amount of funds from the Bangladesh Bank has intensified due to the liquidity crunch faced by commercial banks, hindering their ab... Read More

Commentary: Hatirjheel is dying for not taking seriously its upkeep

Dhaka, May 15 -- Since its opening as a prime recreational spot for the millions of Dhaka residents, Hatirjheel emerged like a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle of the capital. It could be an... Read More

Imran Khan must remain within the confines of democracy and rule of law

Dhaka, May 12 -- The Supreme Court's verdict declaring Imran's detention "unlawful" on Thursday evening will prevent Pakistan from further drowning in chaos and mayhem when the country is struggling h... Read More

Commentary: Just insist on one point that election will be held under a neutral government as before

Dhaka, May 6 -- Let the US and other friendly countries who want to help us to have free and fair election insist on fulfilling one condition, and that is, the election under the sitting government co... Read More

People are helpless against rising crimes and lawlessness

Dhaka, May 5 -- Law and order situation has been deteriorating alarmingly, with a sharp rise of killing, abduction, extortion and drug-related offences across the country, apparently due to the 'relax... Read More

Press freedom cannot survive in isolation in the absence of free election for democracy

Dhaka, May 4 -- On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (May 3), the Editors' Council (Sampadak Parishad) has demanded the scrapping of the Digital Security Act (DSA) and other repressive laws to e... Read More

Commentary: Surely a competent and honest govt would have achieved greater development

Dhaka, May 3 -- If this government can tell proudly of economic development as a great success and, assuming that its claim is true, then it has to be also admitted that under a competent, honest and ... Read More