EDITORIAL: Call delay fines punitive

Nairobi, Sept. 15 -- Draft regulations by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) seek to fine telecoms operators Sh300,000 or a jail term of three years for call delays beyond 15 seconds. While i... Read More

EDITORIAL: Get KQ nationalisation effort back on course

Nairobi, Sept. 15 -- A legal hitch has forced Parliament to stop debate on the National Aviation Management Bill, 2020, which provides guidelines for the nationalisation of Kenya Airways. The propose... Read More

EDITORIAL: Act on Auditor-General's report to stem corruption

Nairobi, Sept. 11 -- The latest Auditor-General's report indicates that 23 ministry departments and agencies cannot account for Sh16.6 billion expenditure in the financial year to June 2018. These de... Read More

EDITORIAL: This is no time to drop the ball on Covid fight

Nairobi, Sept. 10 -- There was some good news from the Covid-19 battlefront as the government disclosed on Tuesday that Kenya had recorded 173 recoveries compared to new infections at 151. This marke... Read More

EDITORIAL: End county cash standoff

Nairobi, Sept. 10 -- That counties are unable to access cash from the national government because of a legislative impasse is a disgrace. Senators have been unable to pass the County Allocation of Re... Read More

EDITORIAL: Diversify the sourcing of Covid-19 testing kits

Nairobi, Sept. 8 -- Kenya has scaled down on testing due to a lack of reagents, at a critical time when it is considering fully reopening the economy, including schools. But it has been fighting the ... Read More

EDITORIAL: Cut blackout time further

Nairobi, Sept. 8 -- The reduction in the number of hours Kenya Power #ticker:KPLC customers are experiencing outages is good news. Customers are now staying out of power supply for at most one hour, ... Read More

EDITORIAL: Take care with nightclubs

Nairobi, Sept. 4 -- The push to open bars and nightclubs, just like all other businesses, is a good step but must be approached with a lot of caution. It is true that the continued closure is killing... Read More

EDITORIAL: Fuel subsidy plan should extend to all motorists

Nairobi, Sept. 4 -- The guidelines on implementation of a State fuel subsidy raises questions about the rationale behind it. The subsidy is meant to ensure local motorists do not suffer steep price in... Read More

EDITORIAL: Reopening bars needs sober and firm steps

Nairobi, Sept. 2 -- President Uhuru Kenyatta's directive that the Health ministry and bar owners jointly develop special health safety guidelines on drinking in public places has expectedly elicited e... Read More