BJP is winning 2019 Assembly elections

India, Oct. 21 -- Voting for the assembly polls in Maharashtra and Haryana went well, where the BJP is seeking a second term in power and hopes for an easy victory. The Congress, yet to recover from i... Read More

Aam Aadmi Party lacks in advertising and making fancy promises

India, Oct. 20 -- The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is set to fight the Assembly elections with 24 contestants, including six in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. They are here with an intention to win all the ... Read More

Narendra and Devendra - One and One Eleven- Part II

India, Oct. 18 -- The level of implementation of government schemes, central or state, was excellent - in urban as well as rural areas. Listing out those schemes will only lengthen the answer, hence a... Read More

Narendra and Devendra - One and One Eleven - Part I

India, Oct. 17 -- Addressing a rally at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is BJP's star campaigner appealed to voters to give Devendra Fadnavis a second chance, he predicted Fa... Read More

Every 50 seconds parents in India kill their daughter - Part III

India, Oct. 14 -- Planned Parenthood's abortionists sometimes do a manual version to keep the baby's head intact so it can be sold. The baby is delivered feet first and killed in the process. This is,... Read More

Will Supreme Court consider equal distribution of assets of husband and wife

India, Oct. 14 -- Adv. Pratibha Bangera (Advocate and legal Expert in Divorce and Family law) stresses need for having guidelines for maintenance with our Editor-in-chief Dr Vaidehi Taman. What does ... Read More

Every 50 seconds parents in India kill their daughter-Part II

India, Oct. 13 -- The Child Marriage Restraint Act of 2006 sets the legal age of marriage for women at 18 and for men at 21. The Adolescence Education Programme, which integrates life skills and HIV p... Read More

Every 50 seconds parents in India kill their daughter-Part I

India, Oct. 11 -- Planned Parenthood is curse across the globe; you can read volumes on Google about the same, this not only disturbs mind but it forces us in soul searching. 6,29,000 girls (aged 0-6... Read More

Why pension for a people's representative?

India, Oct. 10 -- Last month Madhya Pradesh-based activist Chandra Shekhar Gaur filed the RTI query. The Lok Sabha Secretariat's First Appellate Authority cited Section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act, which... Read More

India takes loan from the World Bank on regular basis

India, Oct. 9 -- In 2016, the government of India and the World Bank signed a $650 million agreement towards the third loan for the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor to help faster and more efficient... Read More