India & China both have sought to establish their claims to territory

India, June 17 -- Bite by bite and in kilometers, China is encroaching India's Himalayan borderlands. It's been decades, Asia's these two giants have fought a bullet less war for territory along their... Read More

Car theft and crime on rise in COVID-19 lockdown

India, June 16 -- Lockdown has not only frustrated the people over lack of earning opportunities it has worried them of losing things of their own. Despite the lockdown in May, vehicle thefts in Mumba... Read More

Mumbai actor's depression suicides is bothersome

India, June 15 -- Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide by hanging out of depression is not just one case that has shaken the Bollywood industry, this is also not one rare case that had happened in recent pa... Read More

Congress feeling left out in Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance

India, June 14 -- Maharashtra minister and Congress leader Ashok Chavan admitted to media that there are "issues" among allies in the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition. Signs of unease in the Shiv Se... Read More

Mumbaikars are huge taxpayers still govt and municipality don't care to improve roads

India, June 12 -- Every monsoon Mumbai roads are full of potholes. Due to this traffic increase, bikers sometimes give up their lives. No one expects a sudden pothole on highways, many accidents occur... Read More

Sachin The Sainik, Reinstated In Police Department

India, June 8 -- Image Courtesy: Agency Once upon a time Mumbai was under too much of threat by the underworld honchos, on one hand cops pulled their socks for gunning down terrorists and on the othe... Read More

Mumbai Facing Labour Crises

India, June 5 -- Photo: Akshay Redij / Afternoon Voice Thousands of migrants left Mumbai and now city is seeing in labour crises. Economically and the commercially developed state has many challenges... Read More

Mumbai comes to a standstill in every monsoon

India, June 2 -- After a long lock down and survival crisis, somehow Mumbai is trying to come back to life and here comes another challenge and that is none other than its own monsoon season. Heavy ra... Read More

Lockdown 5.0 - "Mission Begin Again"

India, June 1 -- In Maharashtra, which is the worst affected state in the country, the lockdown was extended till June 30 with easing of restrictions and phase-wise resumption of activities. Calling i... Read More

Lockdown 5.0: Indian economy has come to a standstill

India, May 31 -- The battle to coronavirus pandemic is likely to result in huge job losses, pay cuts and freeze on hiring over the next few quarters, thereby giving blues to India's already distressed... Read More