Indian transgender is happy in gay in our country

India, Aug. 23 -- It's very difficult to face the world when you are continuously being looked down upon for your sexuality. In India transgender and LGBT is big population. Almost every other transge... Read More

Chhagan Bhujbal: The battle goes on

India, Aug. 22 -- These days, many speculations are made in the name of that he is leaving NCP, but the truth is that in spite of being victimised he remains in the party. Chhagan Bhujbal was not only... Read More

Reservation to Dalit can never be scrapped in India

India, Aug. 21 -- Recently, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat triggered a debate on reservation, and all Dalit leaders pounced at him by passing various statements in favour of their vote bank. Mohan Bhagwat ca... Read More

Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar pledges to fulfill dream of Modi's India

India, Aug. 20 -- Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar is a member of 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly from Nilanga. Recently, Nilangekar a champion of BJP came to limelight with his Mahayagya. He got marri... Read More

PM Modi asked BJP leaders to go on Padayatra to honour Mahatma Gandhi

India, Aug. 19 -- Good to see that our PM Modi honours Mahatma Gandhi through cleaning the villages. Hope all the BJP leaders follow PM's instructions seriously and eschew communalism, hatred towards ... Read More

People of Kashmir will join the race of development

India, Aug. 18 -- Since the Article 370 is scrapped, opposition is not at peace. Condemning Modi government's move to detain Congress leaders in Kashmir, Priyanka Gandhi has expressed her disapproval.... Read More

Linking Voter ID to Aadhaar will help cut out fake votes

India, Aug. 16 -- The Election Commission (EC) has approached the Law Ministry, seeking legal powers to recommence linking of voter cards with the 12-digit Aadhaar number. The EC had first initiated t... Read More

Creative governance needed to manage water resource - Part II

India, Aug. 14 -- Some women and girls tied 'rakhis' on the wrists of jawans of the Navy, Army, and NDRF on August 11. Several members of the Muslim community from Sangli and Kolhapur had decided to c... Read More

Creative governance needed to manage water resource-Part I

India, Aug. 13 -- Water is an issue that cuts across all aspects of social and economic life in India. Compartmentalised responses are unlikely to be adequate to address the current crises. There is a... Read More

Living in Mumbai requires a lot of patience and courage

India, Aug. 12 -- There is a saying about Mumbai, "Rotlo Male Pan Otlo Naa Male" which means that you get a meal in Mumbai but getting shelter is not easy. For the middle class and lower class, it is ... Read More