Covid-19: Mumbai is back to square one

India, July 3 -- Thousands of cars impounded, people were slapped with challans and above all lock down once again had crippled the life of Mumbaikar. As many as 4,938 police personnel in Maharashtra ... Read More

#TikTok became human weakness for popularity and name

India, July 1 -- Social media and mobile apps always have given platform to people to shed inhabitations and explore their talents and views without barrier. In the process some become very popular an... Read More

More than the plastic bags, chocolate wrappers and condoms challenges Mumbai's drainage system

India, June 26 -- In the year 2010, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) decided to impose a fine on people found dumping garbage in drains. If anyone is caught throwing garbage in a drain, th... Read More

China is always a threat to India - Part 2

India, June 25 -- We all have seen how India suffered coronavirus spread, it was a very big battle to identify, isolate, and prevent the spread of this epidemic. Like the Chinese health bureaucracy, i... Read More

China is always a threat to India - Part 1

India, June 23 -- Chinese troops squarely preparing an attack on Indian soldiers on the Himalayan border, claiming they erected a tent on the Indian side, dammed a river, brought in machinery and then... Read More

Mumbai City shrinks with financial challenges and labour

India, June 22 -- Businesses are expected to bounce back fully as the lockdown has lazed. Sectors like construction, mining and small businesses dependent on migrant workers will face a supply crunch.... Read More

Challenges to Mumbaikar - Road jams, potholes and waterlogs

India, June 21 -- Scenario for railways commuters does require their employees to be disciplined and firm in their actions but someone should also keep up with the ownership to help railways spend our... Read More

COVID-19: Ganesh Chaturthi and guzzled up Mumbai

India, June 19 -- Mumbai might be waiting for its famed Ganesha festival. The mighty festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals in Mumbai and India. In honor of Lord Ganesha ... Read More

China has a very powerful weapon called #ECONOMY

India, June 18 -- We all Indians are very emotional at this moment and want our government to ban Chinese products, but the fact is that the government has no control over it. It is just not possible ... Read More

India & China both have sought to establish their claims to territory

India, June 17 -- Bite by bite and in kilometers, China is encroaching India's Himalayan borderlands. It's been decades, Asia's these two giants have fought a bullet less war for territory along their... Read More