By Letting Khadse Go, BJP Lost OBC Pockets Of The State?

India, Oct. 22 -- Maharashtra BJP's senior leader Eknathrao Ganpatrao Khadse was aspiring to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2014, he had long desires as he is one of the prominent members... Read More

Navratri glitters gets shadowed by murky reality of glamour industry

India, Oct. 13 -- Navratri brings along a heady invention of backless cholis, late night revelry, drugs, alcohol and a strong undercurrent of sexual intimacy. It is in the air of the smoky yet starlit... Read More

Journalism died in TRP race

India, Oct. 9 -- There is a huge transformation between the Arnab of Times Now and the Arnab of Republic TV. Prior to the launch of Republic TV, Arnab mentioned that he's building a world class news &... Read More

Water is an issue that cuts across all aspects of social and economic life in India

India, Oct. 7 -- Compartmentalized responses are unlikely to be adequate to address the current crises. There is a need for an integrated approach, which addresses source sustainability, land use mana... Read More

We love our Mumbai police

India, Oct. 4 -- These days Mumbai police had to face a lot of criticism due to political vendettas and election agendas, Sushant Singh Rajput's death became one long saga to attack the ruling governm... Read More

Congo Fever is back in Maharashtra

India, Sept. 30 -- In 2011, nearly a decade after it was first detected in Gujarat, two people died from Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in Rajasthan's Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The state government has ... Read More

Suicide cases dramatically declined after liquor shops were reopened

India, Sept. 29 -- India is a vast country with a population of 1.37 billion. A remarkable observation to be made about suicide studies in India is that suicide rates and patterns differ a lot between... Read More

Interview: 'I take all that is good and walk my path', says Atul Kulkarni

India, Sept. 29 -- Atul Kulkarni, a famous Indian film actor who works primarily in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu language films. Kulkarni won the National Award for the best s... Read More

Child artists are vulnerable to lockdown and there is urgent need for special safeguards

India, Sept. 28 -- I am in touch with many child artists and some of them are very close to my heart. They are like family time. Young buddies and sometimes I become their secret holder too. A few day... Read More

Indian Men are more vulnerable than women

India, Sept. 25 -- In the era of equality, most of the time we falsely stand by so-called feminism. In today's society male emotion is extremely undermined because machismo doesn't allow men to actual... Read More