People like Bal Thackeray have no place in 21st century

India, Dec. 13 -- The stance of Balasaheb Thackeray against the South Indians who started out as a cartoonist and later went to form Shiv Sena in 1966 was clear in his speeches and columns that he wro... Read More

Fact-checking journalism has faded with modern time

India, Dec. 12 -- The world's largest democracy is divided in to politics of majority and minority. The media coverage is always huge - nearly 90,000 registered newspapers and periodicals and over 900... Read More

Hindi filmmakers make money by harping on item numbers

India, Dec. 11 -- These days its death of Talent in Bollywood in the name of Item Numbers, the Indian film industry has stooped so low, to sell their product they are coming down to any level. Enough ... Read More

Bar Bala and Betrayal

India, Dec. 10 -- One night around fifty bar girls were paraded on highway between Dahisar checkpoint and Kashimira junction, the girls were picked from their workplace, and led to the police station ... Read More

Uniform Civil Code to divide people?

India, Dec. 9 -- In India, Uniform Civil Code is always debatable, some believe this is need of the hour because in a diverse society like India the laws needed to deal with the disputes related to th... Read More

Why does society value beauty over brains?

India, Dec. 8 -- It is 2019 but women are still judged by their looks, body shamming to commenting on dark complexion has become routine. There are many examples showing that people find it difficult ... Read More

There is nothing in the world that can give justice to Rape Victim

India, Dec. 6 -- The injustice that ended the life of Priyanka Reddy, a young educated girl who had her whole life ahead is intolerable. There is nothing in the world that can give justice to her even... Read More

Cyber crime is on rise in India and cops have edges in detection

India, Dec. 5 -- Need, joblessness, frustration, stress and greed opens the doors to cyber crime. Social media is playing an emergent role in cyber crime this year. Not only does cyber crime leave a m... Read More

Corruption is an issue cutting across party lines

India, Dec. 4 -- Media can do wonders, if it has editors with moral values, who dare to stay independent and fearless of political consequences for truthful reporting. Corruption corroding the country... Read More

Creative and imaginative governance needed to manage water

India, Dec. 3 -- Water is an issue that cuts across all aspects of social and economic life in India. Compartmentalized responses are unlikely to be adequate to address the current crises. There is a ... Read More