The Reemergence of China!

Sri Lanka, Sept. 15 -- Historically, the West has always had an equivocal attitude towards China, not to mention the non-white world. A fear, a suspicion, a fascination, an uncertainty, a sense of sup... Read More

9/11 - The morning that changed the world I knew

Sri Lanka, Sept. 6 -- It was another sunny September morning. The sky was a brilliant blue. As I gazed out of my kitchen window while having breakfast, in Mid Town Manhattan, the twin towers were glis... Read More

Elections 2020 - The Day After - Sober Reflections on a Gigantic Challenge

Colombo, Aug. 9 -- The elections are over and the dust is settling on a campaign strangely lacking the usual Sri Lankan drama and exuberance. As expected, the SLPP has won handsomely. It was perhaps t... Read More