Stan Swamy Pursued the Footprints of Jesus

NEW DELHI, July 19 -- Father Stan Swamy completed his earthly sojourn and went beyond this world on 05 July 2021, for receiving his eternal reward for the commendable life he lived on earth and for ce... Read More

Volume Limit: Saudi Arabia Whipping the Loud-speaking Mosques!

NEW DELHI, July 5 -- Saudi Arabia has come forward recently applying a whip on the 'loud-speaking mosques' of the country. As per Abdullatif al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, "the speakers shoul... Read More

Religious Divide Leaving India in Shatters

NEW DELHI, June 21 -- A couple of weeks ago, a Professor, who is nearing 80 years, sent me a message on WhatsApp hailing in superlative terms the age-old principle of 'religious harmony' in India. Whi... Read More

When Party Politics Corrupts!

NEW DELHI, June 14 -- Sir John Dalberg Acton, 8th Baronet, a prominent historian and liberal Member of the Parliament, UK, of the 19th century, remarked, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power co... Read More

'Conscience' of the Executives in Question!

NEW DELHI, May 10 -- The Allahabad High Court pronounced a marker judgment on the 4th day of May 2021 and it has major moral implications for the entire 'executive sector' of the country, from top to ... Read More