RTI Act Role Of Stakeholders

Dhaka, Oct. 27 -- The Right to Information (RTI) Act has been enacted in Bangladesh in 2009. It is a significant development in the field of promoting human rights and good governance. Although in the... Read More

Prime Causes Behind Recent Increase In Rape

Dhaka, Oct. 19 -- That the death penalty for rape has already been announced is a good initiative. Corona virus, on the other hand, has become a cause for concern amid growing fears of rape. According... Read More

Impunity The Worst Criminal Against Women

Dhaka, Oct. 9 -- The ongoing spate of violence against women and children has reached a new height with rape incidents taking some unprecedented barbaric forms in some parts of the country. Abduction,... Read More

Human Rights In Eliminating Social Disparity

Dhaka, Sept. 28 -- Human rights are possessed by the persons by virtue of their common humanity, to live a life of freedom and dignity. These rights give all people moral claims on the behavior of ind... Read More

Training No Policy Yet Nationally

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- As a capacity building strategy, training efforts in Bangladesh have frequently failed to deliver meaningful results because the training process was not integrated to an effective ... Read More


Dhaka, Sept. 12 -- Dhaka was a city with its population about a million only in 1970s. Now the population of the city is more than 2 cores --- 20 times more than that of 70's decade. Meanwhile, Dhaka ... Read More

Citizen's Charter Measures & Recommendations

Dhaka, Sept. 6 -- Public services are funded by citizens, either directly or indirectly, and, therefore, people have the right to expect a particular quality of service that is responsive to their nee... Read More

August Killing Tragic Ending Of A Great Leader

Dhaka, Aug. 30 -- In the most glorious day of Bangladesh history, a child named Khuka, full name Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born in Tungipara, Gopalganj on March 17, 1920. Who knew that this child woul... Read More

Crossfire, Encounter Against The Norms Of Democracy

Dhaka, Aug. 26 -- In October 2002, Begum Khaleda Zia, the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh ordered a countrywide indefinite joint operation against terrorism consisting of 40,000 police, paramilitary... Read More

Suicidal Death Counseling And Remedial Measures

Dhaka, Aug. 24 -- God has given us life. Every life has its value. This value is determined on the proper management and evolution of life. One needs to be prepared for its management and evolution. I... Read More