Stars 'Grounded'

NEW DELHI, May 29 -- "Our wrestlers make us proud," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi when they won medals at the World Wrestling Championship at Belgrade a couple of years back. He has showered such ... Read More

Embers Tell the Story

NEW DELHI, May 22 -- 'Riots (read 'communal clashes') don't take place wherever BJP is in power.' The saffron party leaders are fond of making this statement from every available public platform. Unio... Read More

Time to Bury Conversion Bogey

NEW DELHI, May 8 -- There are no forced or illegal conversions in Tamil Nadu. This matter-of-fact assertion is made in an affidavit filed by the State in Supreme Court. It further nails the lie on con... Read More

Cementing the 'Basic Structure'

NEW DELHI, May 1 -- April 24, 1973 was a historic day in the history of the Constitution of India. It was on this day that the Supreme Court of India, through its path-breaking judgment in the Kesavan... Read More

Inimitable Service

NEW DELHI, April 24 -- "The truth, it has the habit of revealing itself," thus goes a memorable quote. Yes, one such truth has slipped through the lips of RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat. Speaking at... Read More

Textbook Tampering

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- The saying "those who control the present can rewrite the past" is finding its fruition as the country is entering the last leg of the second term of the Narendra Modi governmen... Read More

A Priest Unlike Any Other

NEW DELHI, April 3 -- A diehard optimist with a unique vision and prophetic voice; a staunch proponent of Christo-centric life; an ardent supporter of Gandhian values of peace, non-violence and commun... Read More

Stifling Rights

NEW DELHI, March 27 -- The US Government on March 20 released the 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, highlighting grave violations of rights in many countries, including India. Coincident... Read More

Wooing Christians, the BJP Way

NEW DELHI, March 20 -- The electoral scene in the country is hotting up. In the next one year or so, several States will go to polls; general elections to the Lok Sabha too will take place. The BJP is... Read More

Stop Pushing Agenda

NEW DELHI, March 13 -- The recent verdict of the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) castigating three leading channels -- Times Now, Zee News and News 18 -- for airing blatantly... Read More