Reservation Sans Entry

NEW DELHI, Sept. 25 -- Their seats are reserved. But, they have neither got the tickets nor they are aware of the timing of the journey. They are in the dark, holding on to the hope given to them -- o... Read More

Dichotomy of a Summit

NEW DELHI, Sept. 18 -- Going by the achievements and appreciatory words of the world leaders, the G20 summit held in New Delhi from September 9 to 10 has proved the prowess of the country. The adoptio... Read More

Pressing Panic Button

NEW DELHI, Sept. 11 -- When things go out of hand, people press the panic button. This seems to be happening with the government that is staring at many things going against it. If the pressing proble... Read More

Speed Up Wheels of Justice

NEW DELHI, Aug. 28 -- Three Bills which could presumably transform the criminal laws in the country were introduced in the Monsoon session of Parliament. The Bills -- the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita to re... Read More

Bulldozing Harmony

NEW DELHI, Aug. 14 -- "People who are out of a job are the stuff out of which dictators are made," said Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States. To paraphrase it differently, rulers ... Read More

Manipur: India's Ground Zero

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- Manipur is India's ground zero. The dictionary meaning of the term 'ground zero' is "the place where a bomb explodes." What is happening in the tiny state in the North-East is mo... Read More

A Leader of the People, for the People

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The distance from Kerala's Capital Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam is about 145 km, a drive of less than 4 hours normally. But July 19 was an unusual day. It took close to 30 hour... Read More

Campaign Code

NEW DELHI, July 17 -- A country with countless cultures and customs; religious rituals; tribal traditions. It is not only cumbersome but even impractical and quixotic to tie them together with a Unifo... Read More

Tough Target for Opposition

NEW DELHI, July 3 -- Indian democracy is special in many ways. Whenever people realize that their hard-earned freedom and the constitutional rights are being snatched away, they rise in one voice; the... Read More