The Alienated Punjab

Pakistan, June 30 -- 'Workers', the Communist Manifesto - the biblical document of the world proletariat - says, 'have nothing to lose but their chains'. However, it does not tell about those who have... Read More

Shame, a revolutionary feeling

Pakistan, May 20 -- 'Shame' Marx says 'is a revolutionary feeling', but people immune to the commodity structure rarely feel that way. They accept oppression. Shame is natural. This recognition and gl... Read More

The one who integrates is lost

Pakistan, May 8 -- Does anyone remember Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli former nuclear technician, who opposed Israel's nuclear weapon program, leaked it to the west, hence abducted by Mossad from Italy?... Read More

No Right Life In A Wrong One

Pakistan, April 15 -- "The courage to resist suffering", Sartre said, "was the secret of a man. But the perils of the Resistance were to be shared: and that is why the Resistance was a true democracy;... Read More