Delving deeper into the fruit world of Goa

Goa, April 19 -- Boram, chun'na, kanddam, charam, binda, jamun, zaam are not just fruits of the bygone era. They still exist and are found in different parts of the state. One of the best places to se... Read More

Finding hope beyond the sunset

Goa, April 19 -- The knowledge about the past is useful to complete our knowledge of the world we live in. The same goes with how we learn about our past. Alexandre Moniz Barbosa has a beautiful way o... Read More

Finding F N Souza in children's art

Goa, April 17 -- Picasso said, 'It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.' Francisco Victor Newton de Souza better known as F N Souza in the world of art was r... Read More

The blessings of Our Lady of Miracles over Mapusa

Goa, April 14 -- Every year, two weeks after Easter Sunday, the following Monday is celebrated as the Feast of Our Lady of Miracles at St Jerome Church in Mapusa. Right from the Maddi to the Feast and... Read More

Konkani is keeping up with the times

Goa, April 10 -- April 9 is known as World Konkani Day, as it marks the death anniversary of Shenoi Goembab, a noted Konkani activist. The day has been celebrated since 2015 in honor of the Konkani ac... Read More

Singing a different tune to save Konkani

Goa, April 9 -- Singing a different tune to save Konkani With the hope to unite the Konkan coast for the love of the language, Konkani, musician, Samuel Afonso, is releasing his second Konkani video,... Read More

From words to award winning tiatrs

Goa, April 4 -- When Marcos Gonsalves was informed that his tiatr, 'Hunvar' won the 9th Tiatr Competition 'B' Group with a sweeping victory of 27 awards, he was over the moon. Within two months, he ha... Read More

Encouraging theatre as a career option for children

Goa, March 27 -- Theatre is a powerful medium of communication and children are always encouraged to take the stage to express themselves. As World Theatre Day is celebrated on March 27, it is importa... Read More

Knitting a story on the present 'influencer' times

Goa, March 22 -- Revora-based Bina Nayak has a close connection to Parra, another village in Bardez. She grew up there and more recently saw the evolution of technology take a sleepy village to become... Read More

A musical Saturday with contemplative voices

Goa, March 16 -- The Goan motet is quite simple and largely homophonic in nature and was written taking small phrases from the passion narratives of the Gospel. This method of singing is an excellent ... Read More