'Domestic Goddess' Nigella Lawson will host dinners in India

New Delhi, Sept. 6 -- World-renowned home cook, television host, food writer, journalist and critic Nigella Lawson is coming to India to curate two special dinners, in Delhi and Mumbai. Lawson is no s... Read More

The marriage of gin and botanicals is a new chapter in cocktail history

New Delhi, Aug. 30 -- It takes some creative licence to imagine quintessential Goan ingredients like chorizo, briny baby octopus, morel mushrooms, champa flowers, fragrant allspice and wild chrysanthe... Read More

The Lounge list of 25 'good for you' brands

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Leo Tolstoy had said, "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken." Increasingly, there has been a global effort to rei... Read More

Labels of truth

New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- It is a battle between conscience and desire as supermarket shelves tempt shoppers with their selection of sweet-salty-deep-fried sins. To buy that oversized bag of sour cream an... Read More

Happy new years

New Delhi, Aug. 17 -- Parsi New Year or Nowruz is a good time to consider why the Parsis of India celebrate three new year days marked on three separate calendars. And what each means in the larger na... Read More

So, do we need a ladies' beer?

New Delhi, Aug. 2 -- Women do drink beer. Yet this premise has been questioned over the years by alco-bev companies and their advertisers who have regarded men as their target consumers. In recent tim... Read More

What does water taste of?

New Delhi, July 14 -- The first thing Ganesh Iyer does after saying hello is pour out a glass of water for me. As India's first water sommelier, it seems only natural that we meet at a restaurant and ... Read More

A tribute to Jiggs Kalra's specials

New Delhi, July 6 -- The kundan kaliya is an elaborate dish by all standards. This Awadhi delicacy involves slow-cooking lamb chunks in a curry flavoured with cashew nuts, yogurt, saffron, kewra and y... Read More

This florist wants to make flowers an everyday purchase

New Delhi, June 28 -- La Fleur offers locally sourced and hand-crafted flower bouquets in supermarkets across Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. The idea is to make flowers an everyday purchase rather than a... Read More

'I'm not trying to deny it has affected me': Kiran Nagarkar

New Delhi, June 22 -- At 77, Kiran Nagarkar has stood by his political convictions throughout his long writing career. He continues to be a strong critic of the establishment and his latest book, The ... Read More