Cultural diversity for national prosperity

Sri Lanka, Dec. 29 -- The yuletide season makes way to herald the New Year. The aura of Christmas blessed us, and we were enriched by moments spent with family and friends. To millions of Sri Lankans ... Read More

They stood guard as we worshipped God

Sri Lanka, Dec. 22 -- The church bells ring loud and clear this December, as we celebrate Christmas. We cherish this aura of calm. Yet in the month of April the pealing of the bells was silenced. We h... Read More

The Dutch Reformed Church within the Galle Fort: History and pride entombed forever

Sri Lanka, Dec. 15 -- The Bay of Galle was an active commercial hub for many centuries. It attracted European and Arab trading vessels that gave rise to an important harbour. The earliest records of t... Read More

Apostolic Carmelites: deeds of divine devotion

Sri Lanka, Dec. 8 -- The month of December is synonymous with Christmas. It is a season where gifts are exchanged. As we reflect on giving, what is the highest form of gift one can give? Some have giv... Read More

Railway Running Shed: The pulse of engine operations

Sri Lanka, Dec. 8 -- The massive railway network has many branches. Within the realm of railway operations are terms not found in any other establishment. One of these strange British terms (to laymen... Read More

Magnificent iron maidens of the Ceylon Railway

Sri Lanka, Dec. 1 -- The history of train operations in Ceylon is embellished with colonial charm. As we delve into the domain of railways we are able to trace the pioneering steam locomotives which o... Read More

The garrison church of Galle :Anglican mission in the South

Sri Lanka, Nov. 24 -- The fortified ramparts of the magnificent Galle Fort is testament to the glorious Dutch era in Ceylon. The Fort area still dazzles every visitor with its unique and formidable ar... Read More

The domain of railway signals and telecommunication

Sri Lanka, Nov. 17 -- The town of Dematagoda (Colombo 9) in the 1960s and 1970s was predominantly made up of the railway community. The Ceylon Government Railway (CGR) was experiencing consistent grow... Read More

Railway Way & Works: 155 years of service excellence

Sri Lanka, Nov. 10 -- One of the first branches associated with train operations in Ceylon was the Way & Works division. The first steam locomotive belched and thundered to Ambepussa in 1864. Therefor... Read More

The Anglican gem of Chundikuli

Sri Lanka, Nov. 3 -- The iconic landmark of the village of Chundikuli is the massive structure of St. John's College, popularly known as SJC. Gently rising from one side of the parapet wall is a beaut... Read More