A civic responsibility

Sri Lanka, April 9 -- Public security covers a wide spectrum and involves many stakeholders. One of the primary stakeholders is the police force. The police are the guardians of the law. However the p... Read More

Karainagar: A serene paradise

Sri Lanka, April 6 -- The coastal towns of Sri Lanka are embellished with an alluring charm. Today we discover the hidden beauty of a very old island in the North of Sri Lanka, about 20 km from Jaffna... Read More

The elite naval commandos

Sri Lanka, April 2 -- For seven decades the Sri Lanka Navy has secured our maritime domain. Apart from its ocean-going fleet the Navy has augmented its combat capability on land with elite Special For... Read More

Creating the formidable STF commando

Sri Lanka, March 27 -- The Sri Lanka Police has a history of more than 150 years. Since its inception, it primarily took on the role of crime prevention and crime detection. This nation witnessed an i... Read More

Trusted wings of hope and combat support

Sri Lanka, March 23 -- The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) proudly celebrated its 70th anniversary recently amidst much grandeur. In this backdrop, today we discover one of the squadrons whose pilots and c... Read More

Where death reminds us of life

Sri Lanka, March 19 -- In English literature the medieval scribes often asked, "O Death, where is thy sting?" The final destination of mortal life is certainly death. The soul and the afterlife is ano... Read More

The old ribbon typewriter battles for life at Hulftsdorp

Sri Lanka, March 18 -- Today we live in a digitally dominated era. Our communication has rapidly grown to depend on iPhones, tablets, 4G technology and a myriad of social media platforms. People do no... Read More

Beyond the Line of Duty

Sri Lanka, March 16 -- The Sri Lanka Police commemorates Police Heroes' Day on March 21. The policemen and policewomen are the guardians of the law. Today in spite of facing many challenges, the Sri L... Read More

Bliss beyond the boundary lines

Sri Lanka, March 13 -- The most significant event for the month of March in my calendar for the past three decades has been the spectacular cricket encounter between Royal College and S. Thomas' Colle... Read More

Reaching to grab an elusive happiness

Sri Lanka, March 13 -- For centuries, the tall palmyrah trees have dominated the Northern skyline. The resilient palmyrah tree or panaimaram in Tamil, is a tree that sustains life for many Tamil famil... Read More