The mosque with 49 minarets

Sri Lanka, Sept. 23 -- The general vicinity of Pettah is always crowded with vendors and shoppers. It is in a sense a melting pot which unknowingly unites all of us in this beautiful city as well as t... Read More

When the thundering roar of heavy guns resounded.

Sri Lanka, Sept. 21 -- The Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment, one of the oldest regiments of the Sri Lanka Army, celebrated 132 years of sterling service to the motherland. The anniversary was celebrated w... Read More

Cruising on the waves of victory

Sri Lanka, Sept. 19 -- Sri Lanka is an island nation. The responsibility and honour of being the country's first line of defence is assigned to the Navy. For more than six decades, the Sri Lanka Navy ... Read More

The postman's bell, still a welcome ring

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St. Lucia's Cathedral: an oasis of faith

Sri Lanka, Sept. 11 -- Prayer and faith are key elements of the Christian faith. This magnificent Catholic edifice reflects years of sacrifice, perseverance, a jubilant visit by the Pope and the overc... Read More

The dazzling trident of the East

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Reflections of Dutch history in Colombo

Sri Lanka, Sept. 8 -- The city of Colombo is being beautifully transformed. Every city has its unique history which in turn is reflected in its architecture. Ceylon was once the dominion of the Portug... Read More

154 years of triumphs, trials and tragedies

Sri Lanka, Sept. 3 -- The Sri Lanka Police is one of the oldest police forces in Asia. It has endured a long journey of over 150 years traversing a road laden with triumphs, trials and tragedies. Upho... Read More

Matara: The Southern Belle

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Taking wing with golden memories

Sri Lanka, Aug. 20 -- Whilst engaging in my morning walk at a playground, I came across a smart tall gentleman. His stature resonated a military background. Being curious, I popped the question "Are y... Read More