BOI forays into import-substitution

Sri Lanka, Sept. 21 -- The Board of Investment will be flexible on the proportion of goods sold into the local market in line with the import substitution policy of the government. The necessary laws ... Read More

Asian pensions low proportionate to GDP - ADB Institute

Sri Lanka, Sept. 17 -- The Asian region has a problem with a low value of pension holdings proportionate to Gross Domestic Product. This coupled with the ageing population and the low rates of develop... Read More

Inland revenue crosses Rs 1 tn mark in 2019

Sri Lanka, Sept. 16 -- Inland Revenue Collection has grown by 13 percent and crossed the Rs 1 trillion mark in 2019. Revenue collection for the year of 2019 was Rs. 1.025 trillion while in 2018 it was... Read More

Measures to woo capital back - Cabraal

Sri Lanka, Sept. 15 -- State Minister of Money & Capital Market and State Enterprise Reforms Ajith Nivard Cabraal suggested that the currency would appreciate. He suggested that the current levels wer... Read More

IBM offering now in LK

Sri Lanka, Sept. 14 -- IBM with their recently announced partnership with PMsquare Sri Lanka is looking to offer products in the Sri Lankan corporate market. The partnership will use IBM Business Anal... Read More

Abolish Provincial Councils - PNF

Sri Lanka, Sept. 11 -- The Professionals' National Front (PNF) called on the Government to abolish the Provincial Councils (PCs) claiming that they were never really present in Sri Lanka, and set up o... Read More

GSP+ till 2025

Sri Lanka, Sept. 7 -- GSP Plus is expected to continue till at least 2025 based on the country qualifying for GSP concessions through lower GDP per capita figures. The trade concession Head of the Eu... Read More

Huge demand for CIFC in region

Sri Lanka, Sept. 4 -- Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Global Vice President Melanie Janine Kanaka opined that students were better off choosing global as opposed to local qualific... Read More

Central bank to assist in development

Sri Lanka, Aug. 31 -- The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is going to take active participation in the development of Sri Lanka. Governor Professor W. D. Lakshman said that indirect methods of monetary poli... Read More

Govt to revitalize construction sector

Sri Lanka, Aug. 28 -- The government is looking to revitalize the construction sector and make it a catalyst for future growth. The upcoming interim budget will settle all government dues to the const... Read More